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Dairy Farm Worker Jobs in Finland For Foreigners Visa Sponsorship

Are you interested in switching jobs? Join the rising number of people who are moving to Finland to work on farms. This story is about Finland, which is known as the “land of a thousand lakes.” Finland wants to talk! Indeed, farming jobs are getting harder to find, so this is a chance to make a living that you shouldn’t pass up.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a passionate farmer looking for new chances or want to learn more about the booming dairy industry in this beautiful country.

Details of Dairy Farm Worker Jobs In Finland For Foreigners

Host CountryFinland
Job TitleDairy Farm Worker Jobs
Job TypeFull-Time
Visa SponsorshipYes
Age Limit20 Years Above
GenderMale & Female Both Can Apply
QualificationsHigh School / Secondary / Bachelor’s degree
Work ExperienceMinimum 1 Year
Who Can ApplyInternational Applicants
SalaryAverage Salary Pay €15 Per Hour

Benefits of Dairy Farm Worker Jobs in Finland

Competitive Salary:

  • In Finland, people who work on dairy farms get paid well, often more than people in many other countries.

Health and Dental Insurance:

  • Workers can get the medical care they need if they have access to complete health and dental insurance.

Opportunities for Skill Development:

  • Workers can improve their skills by learning on the job and maybe even going to school to learn more about how farms work.

Supportive Work Environment:

  • Finnish farms usually make sure their workers are safe and supported, putting a lot of emphasis on health and safety rules.

Visa Sponsorship:

  • A lot of companies will sponsor your visa, which makes it easier for people from other countries to work legally in Finland.


  • People are often given places to stay, which makes it easier for them to get used to their new jobs and avoids the stress of finding a place to live.

Requirements of Dairy Farm Worker Jobs in Finland

Drug Examination:

  • Being able to pass a drug test is important to make sure that the workplace is safe and drug-free.

Prior Farm Experience:

  • You must have worked on a farm before, preferably with dairy farming, in order to do the job well.

Willingness to Work Long Hours:

  • Ready to work up to 60 hours a week when things get busy, showing that they are dedicated and flexible.

Clean Criminal Record:

  • No charges for any crimes in the past to make sure they are a trustworthy worker.

English Proficiency:

  • Being fluent in English is necessary to get along with coworkers and bosses. It might be helpful to know Finnish or Swedish in some places, but it’s not always necessary.

Passion for Dairy Farming:

  • A real desire to work as a dairy farmer and at least one year of experience in farming that is related to the job, showing dedication to the field.

Educational Background:

  • A useful educational background can help people who want to get work experience to go along with their agricultural degree.

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Dairy Farm Worker Jobs in Finland Employee Salary

A laborer on a dairy farm in Helsinki, Finland makes an average of €30,670 a year, or €15 an hour. There is a salary spread of €23,493 to €35,516 for people with less than a high school diploma.

How Do I Apply Dairy Farm Worker Jobs in Finland

The best way to find Worker Jobs in Finland is to go to an online job board and look for work. Salary for an employee in 2024 with a visa sponsorship Apply online and get paid €15 an hour. Here are a few of the most well-known sites.

List of Website to Find Jobs in Finland

  • www.glassdoor


Finland has a job opening for a Dairy Farm Worker, which is a rewarding job for both newcomers and seasoned pros. This piece is useful for both newcomers and professionals because it talks about the Basic Requirements for Dairy Farm Worker jobs and the job market in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to get a job in Finland?

    TE-palvelut, Finland’s service that helps foreign workers find jobs, has an online job search tool.

  2. How much do dairy farm workers make in Finland?

    In Helsinki, Finland, the average annual salary for a Laborer Dairy Farm is €30,670, with an hourly rate of €15, and a salary range of €23,493 to €35,516.

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