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Malta needs skilled people to work! Tech workers, gamers, people who work in healthcare, engineers, and other areas can get work visas quickly. Through the Key Employee Initiative (KEI), you can get a work visa in just 5 days. The yearly pay for the job must be at least €30,000. Your family is welcome to come along.

Malta is a great place to live because it is warm and has beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a good choice compared to other countries because getting a visa is easy and the cost of living is low.

Details About Malta KEI Work VISA

The Malta Key Employee Initiative (KEI) Work Visa is a quick way to get both a work permit and a pass to live in Malta.


  • Fast Processing: Get approved in just 5 working days!
  • Combined Permit: Simplifies things with a single work and residence permit.
  • Family Reunification: Bring your family along.


  • High-Skilled Role: It has to be a job offer in a specialized field, like tech, management, or something related.
  • Salary Threshold: The annual salary must be at least €30,000 gross.
  • Qualifications & Experience: To get the job, you’ll need the right skills and knowledge..

How to Apply

  • Research Job Shortages: Find job areas where Malta needs people, like tech, healthcare, or engineering.
  • Find Openings: Look for jobs on platforms through EURESMalta Enterprise, LinkedIn, MaltaJobs, Keepmeposted, and VacancyCentre, or get in touch with recruitment agencies like KonnektVacancyCentreBroadwing, and Misco, which specialize in placing skilled workers in Malta.
  • Prepare Your Application: Get your CV, cover letter, and qualifications ready.
  • Apply for KEI (after job offer): Once you have a job offer, you can send your KEI application to Identity Malta or through your company.
  • Follow-up: Keep up with your application and answer Identity Malta’s questions right away.
  • Relocate: When you get permission, plan your move and get settled with the help of moving companies or your boss.

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For skilled workers, the Malta KEI Work Visa offers a quick process that gives them both a work permit and a living permit within 5 days. Malta is a great place for workers looking for jobs in high-demand fields because it allows families to get back together, has a low cost of living, and has views of the Mediterranean.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the eligibility criteria for Malta’s KEI Work Visa?

    To apply, you need to have a high-skilled job offer in a specialized field that pays at least €30,000 a year, plus the right skills and experience.

  2. How can I apply for Malta’s KEI Work Visa?

    Find job openings, look into job shortages, get your application ready, get a job offer, apply for KEI through Identity Malta or your company, keep up with your application, and make plans to move.

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