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Strawberry Picking Jobs in Finland Visa Sponsorship

Are you interested in switching jobs? Good news for people who want to move to Finland but have never had the chance before! This story tells you about a quick chance to move to Finland in May by picking strawberries.

Find out more about this casual job, such as how to apply, what is needed, and the amazing experience that’s waiting for you. This could be your ticket to a new life in Finland, whether you’re looking for excitement or a change. Let’s read now, seize the chance, and get ready for an exciting adventure in Finland!

Details of Strawberry Picking Jobs in Finland

Host CountryFinland
Job Title Strawberry Picking Jobs
Job TypeFull-Time
Visa SponsorshipYes
Food FreeYes
Age Limit20 years Above
GenderMale & Female Both Can Apply
 EducationHigh School / Secondary / Bachelor’s degree
Work ExperienceMinimum 1 years of experience in the relevant field
Who Can ApplyInternational Applicants
SalaryAverage Salary Pay €10 Per Hour

Benefits of Strawberry Picking Jobs in Finland

  • Competitive Pay: In Finland, strawberry pickers are often paid competitive wages, which can include pay based on how many and how high-quality strawberries they pick.
  • Health and dental insurance: Many employers offer health and dental insurance to their employees so that they can get the care they need while they are working.
  • Opportunities to Improve Your Skills: Picking strawberries is a great way to improve your farming skills, learn about how to grow fruits, and get practice working outside in a hands-on way.
  • Helpful Workplace: Lots of farms in Finland focus on having a friendly and helpful workplace where people can feel like they are part of a group and work together.
  • Visa Sponsorship: If you are an international worker, your employer may be able to help you get a work visa so you can properly work in Finland.

Requirements Qualifications

Work Permit:

  • If you want to work in Finland for more than 90 days, you need a valid work pass. The website for the Finnish Immigration Services has a lot of information about how to get a Finnish Seasonal Work Visa.


  • For a seasonal work visa, you don’t need to have completed a certain level of schooling, but based on the job, some employers may prefer applicants with vocational training or a high school diploma.


  • Preference is given to candidates with at least one year of farm labor experience.

Medical Examination:

  • It is necessary to get a medical check and a medical certificate before going to Finland.

Language Skills:

  • Many people in Finland speak both Finnish and Swedish, which are the main languages of the country.
  • Basic Finnish and Swedish skills are helpful, but not necessary for all jobs. English may be the working language.
  • There are no language standards for the work visa, but interviews or tests may be used to see how well you speak a language.

Physical Fitness:

  • For this physically challenging job, you need to be in great shape, have good hand-eye coordination, and be able to work quickly.

Communication and Teamwork:

  • Essential are good conversation skills and the ability to get along with others and work well with them.

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Strawberry Picking Jobs in Finland Employee Salary

In Finland, the average Picker salary is €10. You can see Picker salaries by area.

List of Website to Find Jobs in Finland

  • www.glassdoor

How To Apply

More Info


Strawberry picking is a rewarding job that can be done in Finland by both beginners and seasoned professionals. This article is useful for both newcomers and experts because it talks about Basic Requirements of Strawberry Picking jobs and the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do strawberry pickers earn in Finland?

    The average salary for strawberry pickers in Finland is around €10 per hour, with potential variations based on location and farm.

  • Where can I find strawberry-picking job listings in Finland?

    Glassdoor: www.glassdoor

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