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AC Pipe Fitters Jobs in UAE Visa Sponsorship

We can almost certainly say that the UAE is one of your top choices if you are a general or skilled worker from any Asian or African country. Wikipedia says that foreign workers make up about 80% of the workers in the UAE and 90% of the people who live there.

The numbers show that the UAE needs foreign workers in every business, whether they are unskilled, semi-skilled, or skilled. Everyone has a job to do there, whether they are very smart or not at all. As we all know, the average person in African and Asian countries that aren’t very well developed doesn’t have the chance to get a college degree or a lot of experience in a well-known or respected area. That’s why we’re putting out another ad for jobs in the UAE that will support visas for qualified foreigners.

We wrote this post to tell you everything you need to know about the AC Pipe Fitter Job in the UAE with visa support. The link to the online application form for this job is another great and very useful thing about it.

Details of AC Pipe Fitters Jobs in UAE Visa Sponsorship

  • Job title: AC Pipe Fitter
  • Job location: UAE
  • Job-type: Full-time
  • Job Industry: Labour Jobs
  • Minimum Knowledge: Matric_ Intermediate
  • Minimum experience: 02 years
  • Salary Package: 900-1200 AED
  • Mode of hiring: Test interview
  • Free food: Yes
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Free Medical: Yes
  • Free Transport: Yes


  • At least a Matriculation degree.
  • Having a certificate (even if it’s only for three months) as a plumber or in a similar field would be helpful.
  • Having worked for at least two years.
  • Need to be able to read, write, and talk English.
  • All of the visa paperwork that the office asks for.


  • Free Visa Sponsorship: The employer covers the cost and process of obtaining your work visa.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residence and Employment: Opportunities for long-term employment and potential for permanent residency in Abu Dhabi.
  • Free Food: Complimentary meals provided during work hours.
  • Free Accommodation: Housing arrangements provided by the employer.
  • Free Medical: Comprehensive healthcare coverage, including medical treatments and services.
  • Free Transportation: Transport services to and from work locations.
  • Rights and Privileges: Enjoy all rights and privileges as outlined in the UAE labor law.
  • Direct Flight: Upon job confirmation, a direct flight to Abu Dhabi is provided.
  • Attractive Salary Package: Competitive salary and benefits package.
  • Paid Holidays and Annual Leaves: Paid time off for holidays and annual leave as per company policies and UAE labor regulations.

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  • Installation: Putting together and setting up air conditioning (AC) systems using pipes, ducts, and fittings that are matched to plans and specs.
  • Maintenance: Doing regular fixes and maintenance on air conditioners, such as finding and fixing problems with pipes and fittings.
  • Inspection: Making sure that AC systems meet safety and quality standards by inspecting them and finding any problems or flaws that need fixing.
  • Testing: Checking AC systems for leaks, pressure levels, and general efficiency to make sure they work right.
  • Modification: Making changes to current AC systems as needed, like moving pipes or fittings around to make them work better or fit new building layouts.
  • Working together with other HVAC workers, technicians, and contractors to make sure that repairs, installations, and upkeep are all done on time and correctly.
  • Documentation: For documentation and reporting reasons, keeping correct records of the work done, such as maintenance schedules, repairs, and parts used.
  • Compliance: Making sure that all installation, maintenance, and repair work follows safety rules, building codes, and industry standards.

How can I earn educational certificates that would help me in this Job?

There are a lot of online and brick-and-mortar schools in Pakistan that offer diploma programs in plumbing and pipe fitting for 1, 3, and 6 months. You can also get free online training with certificates from foreign sites like Coursera, Alison, and Udemy.

How To Apply?

More Info


This article talks about job openings for AC Pipe Fitters in the UAE, focusing on chances with visa sponsorship, competitive pay, and a wide range of benefits, such as free housing, food, medical care, and transportation. It describes the job, including its duties and requirements, and gives advice on how to get the right educational credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the educational requirements to qualify for this job?

    Applicants must have at least a high school diploma and preferably a certificate in plumbing or a similar field. You must also be able to speak and write English well.

  2. What are the responsibilities of an AC Pipe Fitter in this role?

    Responsibilities include installation, maintenance, inspection, testing, modification, documentation, compliance, and collaboration with other HVAC workers and contractors.

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