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Blueberries Picking Jobs in Austria for Foreigners

If you want to work in beautiful Austria, picking fruit is a great option. The ins and outs of Blueberries Picking Jobs in Austria are explained in this piece, which also includes information on how to apply and the job’s requirements and duties. No matter how long you’ve been picking or how new you are to the job, this chance offers excitement and the chance to make money.

Details of Blueberries Picking Jobs in Austria for Foreigners

  • Job Title: Fruit Picking Jobs/Fruit and Vegetable Harvester/Fruit and Vegetable Picker/Farm Hand
  • Industry: Agriculture/Farm Jobs
  • Country: Austria
  • Minimum Age: 21-40 years
  • Knowledge Required: Yes, not much
  • Experience Required: Yes, not much
  • Job Nature: Full-time
  • Expected Salary: €14 per hour
  • Free Food: Mostly Yes
  • Free Accommodation: Mostly Yes
  • Free Transport: No
  • Free Medical Insurance: No


  • Seasonal Employment:
    • Seasonal jobs like picking blueberries can be a good way to make extra money while the fruit harvest is going on. This can be helpful for outsiders who are looking for short-term jobs.
  • Hands-On Experience:
    • As a blueberry picker, you can learn about farming, picking, and doing things around the farm by doing them yourself. It lets people from other countries learn how farming works and get useful skills.
  • Cultural Exchange:
    • When foreigners work in Austria picking blueberries, they can learn about the culture there, meet Austrian farmers and workers, and become fully immersed in the farming way of life in the area.
  • Income Generation:
    • Blueberry picking jobs are a way for tourists to make money while they work in Austria. The money from these jobs can help pay for things like living costs or trips.
  • Outdoor Work Environment:
    • Blueberry picking jobs involve working outdoors in natural surroundings, which can be appealing for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities and prefer a change from office-based work environments.
  • Physical Activity:
    • Picking blueberries requires a lot of physical work, like walking, bending, and moving. This can help workers get in better shape and stay healthy.
  • Skill Development:
    • Blueberry picking is a good way to learn skills like being careful, managing your time, working with others, and being strong. You can use these skills in a number of jobs and in the future.
  • Opportunity to Explore Austria:
    • While working as grape pickers in Austria, foreigners have the chance to see the country, go to tourist spots, and enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside in their spare time.


  • Education:
    • No minimum level of study is needed. To apply for blueberry picking jobs, people do not need a high school diploma, college degree, or qualification.
  • Language Skills:
    • It is necessary to be able to communicate clearly in English. It can be helpful to know some German, especially if you want to talk to area farmers or coworkers.
  • Experience:
    • There is no minimum amount of knowledge needed because you will be trained on the job. For those who have worked in gardening or agriculture before, especially with raising crops and animals, it can be helpful.
  • Knowledge of Farming:
    • Basic knowledge of gardening methods is helpful, especially knowledge of how to grow crops. This can help people do better at picking blueberries and understand what they need to do.
  • Driver’s License:
    • For some jobs, like those that involve driving farm equipment or cars, you may need to have a legal driver’s license and a clear driving record.
  • Criminal Record Check:
    • A criminal record check is usually required to get a job in agriculture or a job related to farming. This is done to make sure everyone is safe and following the law.
  • Physical Fitness:
    • The people who apply should be in good shape and able to work quickly. This means being able to lift heavy things, bend, stoop, stand for long amounts of time, and work outside in all kinds of weather.

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  • Harvesting Blueberries:
    • You can pick ripe blueberries by hand or with handheld harvesting tools in fields and gardens. Be careful when touching the fruit to keep it from getting hurt.
  • Sorting and Packaging:
    • Sort the blueberries that have been picked by size, color, and quality standards. Take out any berries that are broken or going bad. Sort the blueberries and put them in containers or boxes so they can be stored or moved.
  • Orchard Maintenance:
    • Help with upkeep in the garden by doing things like trimming, pulling weeds, watering, and fertilizing. Follow farming rules and practices to keep your blueberry plants healthy and get the best yield.
  • Operating Farm Machinery:
    • Learn how to use basic farm tools and machinery that are used for blueberry growing, like tractors, irrigation systems, and harvesting tools. When using machinery, make sure you follow the safety rules and upkeep steps.
  • Quality Control:
    • Make sure that tight quality control measures are followed when the food is being picked, sorted, and packed. Keep an eye out for bugs, diseases, and other things that could hurt the quality of the blueberries. Make sure the work area stays clean and germ-free.
  • Record Keeping:
    • Keep exact records of how much you harvested, how you sorted the fruit, and what you did to maintain the orchard. As needed, give reports to bosses or farm managers.
  • Team Collaboration:
    • Work together with other blueberry pickers, farm workers, and supervisors to meet output goals and keep the farm running smoothly. Communicate clearly and do what your boss tells you to do.
  • Adherence to Regulations:
    • When growing and picking blueberries, make sure you follow the rules for farming, safety, and the environment. Make sure that legal requirements and best practices in the business are followed.

Where to find Blueberries Picking Jobs in Austria?

There are ads on many websites, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Expatica. Use search terms like “Fruit picking jobs in Austria for foreigners” or “farm jobs that will sponsor your visa” to find jobs. Make sure that your CV and cover letter fit the needs of the job. Send in your applications online and wait for approval.

How to Apply

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Blueberry picking jobs in Austria are a great way for people from other countries to make money, learn about a new culture, and do hard work outside. These jobs are appealing to people who want to work in agriculture in Austria for a short time because they offer perks like seasonal work, cultural exchange, and skill development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to find Blueberries Picking Jobs in Austria?

    Several work search engines, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Expatica, can help you find Blueberry Picking Jobs in Austria. To apply for a job online, make sure you use the right search terms and that your CV and cover letter are tailored to the job’s needs.

  2. How to Apply

    Visit job search sites and send in your applications online to get Blueberry Picking Jobs in Austria. Make sure that your experience and skills that are important to the job stand out on your CV and cover letter.

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