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Construction Driver Jobs in UK Visa Sponsorship

Transportation of building materials, tools, equipment, and workers to construction sites is the job of construction drivers. You are welcome to apply for this job if you have experience transporting heavy goods and a license to drive heavy vehicles. It will help you get to the place where your dreams and hopes are.

A report from HR Forecast in May 2024 says that the UK needs about 90,000 more drivers. Polls show that more than 30% of trained drivers are 55 or older. The driver service says that the number of HGV delivery drivers in the UK rose from 271,000 in the first quarter of 2012 to 305,000 in the second. This is higher than the rate before the pandemic.

With the “drivers’ supply crunch” that will happen after Brexit, this is a great chance for HGV drivers from other countries to work in the UK with a visa sponsorship. This piece tries to teach you everything you need to know about construction driver jobs in the UK with a visa sponsorship (£20 per hour).

Details of Construction Driver Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship

Job CountryUK
IndustryHGV Driving/ Driving
Job TypeHGV Drivers/ Construction Drivers
Minimum Experience RequiredNo
Education RequiredBasic English
Any Age LimitNo
Expected Salary£20 per hour
Employment Term

Job Schedule
Full-Time and On-Contract

Shift Basis ( 8 to 10 hours shift for six days a week)

About the Employer

Anyone in the UK can do business with Tony Pestana Construction Ltd, which is a reputable company that sells building materials. The company is proud to hire people from all over the world because they have a strong belief in providing excellent service, keeping customers safe, and making sure customers are happy. That’s why Tony Pestana Construction Ltd is happy to support work visas for qualified Construction Driver candidates who aren’t already allowed to work in the UK.


  • The person applying must be at least 18 years old.
  • Be able to drive a car.
  • You can become a professional driver by getting the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).
  • Take 5 tests and pass all of them to get a full driver’s license.
  • Driving a truck and knowing the rules of the road in the area.
  • Many employers don’t set a minimum level of schooling. But some might want at least GCSES or something similar.
  • The person applying must speak English well. If your boss doesn’t support you, you’ll need to take the IELTS test to get a skilled worker visa.
  • Different employers have different needs when it comes to experience. It could be anywhere from seven months to five years, though.
  • If you want to get a UK Skilled Worker Visa and work as a construction driver in the UK, you must meet all of the standards.

Job Duties of a Construction Driver at Tony Pestana Construction Ltd

Actively oversee the safe completion of tasks to create a secure workplace and show that the company places a high value on safety.

  • As your shifts come to an end, transport a wide range of building materials, tools, and people.
  • Safety and preventative maintenance checks should be done, and cars should be inspected for mechanical parts and possible dangers.
  • Use the right maneuvering methods to get trucks into positions for loading or unloading.
  • Report mistakes, accidents, or rules that are broken.
  • Remember to write down all of your work and rest times, as well as your miles.
  • Keep all of your paperwork, like receipts for gas and tolls, bills of lading, and records of delivery.
  • Follow the company’s rules and policies, as well as any rules and laws about driving a truck, such as those about size, weight, route designations, parking, and breaks.

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Who can Apply for Construction Driver Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship?

People from all over Asia, Africa, and Latin America can apply for Construction Driver Jobs in the UK that will pay for their visas.

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Antigua
  • Barbuda
  • Tobago
  • Lucia
  • Vincent
  • Barbados
  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Dominicia
  • Sudan
  • Grenada
  • The Grenadines
  • Kitts-Nevis
  • Montserrat
  • Trinidad
  • Anguilla

How to Apply for Construction Driver Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship?

More Info


Tony Pestana Construction Ltd. has great job chances for construction drivers in the UK who can get a visa. With good pay and a focus on safety, this job lets drivers from different countries follow their career goals in the UK construction business. Send in your application today to work for a reputable company and start a rewarding job.

People Also Ask

  1. Who can Apply for Construction Driver Jobs in UK with a Visa Sponsorship?

    People from many places, like Asia, Africa, and Latin America, can apply for construction driver jobs in the UK and get their visas sponsored. There are places like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, and Jamaica on the list.

  2. How to Apply for Construction Driver Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship?

    People who want to work as construction drivers in the UK and get their visas sponsored can go to Tony Pestana Construction Ltd.’s official job site. Those who want to apply should carefully read over the job standards and duties before sending in their applications.

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