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Croatia Digital Nomad Visa – Application Requirements

Digital nomads can stay in the Republic of Croatia temporarily for a year. Both a Schengen Member state and a member of the European Union is Croatia. It implies that everyone who is issued a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa is also free to go to and explore other Schengen countries. Non-EU/EEA nationals working or doing tasks using communication technology are eligible for the Croatia Nomad Visa.

A Digital Nomad can manage his own business that is not registered in the Republic of Croatia or work for a firm. A digital Nomad is free to work online from any location. Like freelancers, bloggers, consultants, and remote workers; also, vloggers and youtubers. The eligibility, tax, application, and benefits of this program will all be covered in this post.

Details About Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

  • Eligibility: Program eligibility is limited to non-EU/EEA nationals.
  • Stay Duration: Live in Croatia for up to a year if you so want. Six months after your first temporary stay visa expires, you can reapply.
  • For whom: Work from home for a firm (including your own) located outside of Croatia
  • Tax Benefits: Not liable to pay foreign earnings income tax in Croatia
  • Explore Europe: Take advantage of Croatia’s travel access to the Schengen Area.
  • Affordably priced in relation to other regions of Europe.
  • Furthermore eligible to join are family members.


  • Real passport (valid for three months after your visit).
  • By March 24, 2024 proof of a minimum monthly income of 2,539.31 EUR (or €30,471 in bank balance).
  • Genuine health insurance that includes Croatia.
  • Verification of lodging (lease contract).
  • Clear criminal record check.

Tax Benefits

You will be free from double taxes, the same as with the Romania Digital Nomad Visa. Croatia lets you avoid paying taxes twice. You are not working for a Croatian employer, thus, if you are already paying taxes in your home country, you are not required to pay taxes in Croatia.

Road to Citizenship

Upon five years of Nomad Visa residence in Croatian territory, you will be qualified for permanent residency, which leads to eligibility for Croatian citizenship.

List of Documents Required

  • Your current traveling document.
  • Validity of health insurance for the time you intend to spend in Croatia.
  • Give evidence that you can work from anywhere and are a digital nomad.
  • Proof of clean criminal record.
  • Residence temporarily in Croatia
  • A bank statement with salary stubs, income proof, payment proof, and bank balance.

How to Apply for the Croatia Temporary Stay for Digital Nomads?

Step 1: Choose the Application Method from these Two

One can apply for the Croatian digital nomad visa either in person at a Croatian consulate or embassy or online.

Should you need a visa but are submitting your application in person, you can do it at the Republic of Croatian embassy or consulate (see list of diplomatic missions/consular posts).

Step 2: Complete and Submit your Application

Complete Form 1a (available in both Croatian and English) and turn it in online, at a Croatian embassy or consulate, together with the necessary documentation. A Category D visa will need application. The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs website has all further visa-related information. (Chose your nationality).

Step 3: Pay Visa Fees

Pay the required fees, which vary depending on where you apply.

Step 4: Wait for Approval

You will get word of the choice by letter or email. And should your application be accepted. Congratulation. Right now, you can travel to Croatia.

Step 5: Register Temporary Residence

Once in Croatia, register your temporary address at the local police station or administration within three days of your arrival.

Cost Associated with Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

If the application is submitted at a diplomatic mission/consular post:

  • Granting Temporary Stay: 55.74 EUR
  • Long-term visa (visa D): 93.00 EUR
  • Biometric Residence Card: 41.14 EUR

If (for individuals who are already in Croatia) the application is filed at a police station or administration

  • Granting Temporary Stay: 46.45 EUR
  • Biometric Residence Card: 59.73 EUR
  • Biometric Residence Permit: 9.29 EUR

Website of a Ministry of Interior for a Croatia Nomad Visa

More Info


Non-EU/EEA nationals have a rare chance to live and work remotely in Croatia for up to a year with the possibility of an extension and long-term residency with the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa. For digital nomads hoping to travel Europe while keeping their online jobs, the program appeals since it provides tax incentives, Schengen Area access, and an easy application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible for the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa?

    The visa is open to non-EU/EEA nationals who use communication technologies to operate remotely, including freelancers, bloggers, consultants, remote workers, bloggers, and YouTubers.

  2. What are the tax benefits of the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa?

    Nomads are not liable to pay foreign earnings income tax in Croatia, and they can avoid double taxation if already paying taxes in their home country.

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