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Delivery Driver Jobs in Domino UK for Foreigners Visa Sponsor

This is a great chance to work for the biggest pizza delivery business in the world, where winning, service, quality, and relationships are important in everything we do. There is a Domino’s store in Liverpool Maghull that wants to hire full-time and part-time delivery drivers who love pizza and are great with customers. Join a great team where you’ll have the freedom to choose your own hours each week. They help you do your job with cutting edge technology, which makes you more productive and lets you make more money per drop. You don’t need to have any experience because Domino’s will give you full training and an introduction program.

Domino’s pays by the hour plus a mileage rate for each delivery. You can also leave tips and get discounts in the shop. Domino’s is a well-known fast food chain around the world and one of the biggest pizza chains in the UK. Because of this, you can find work at Domino’s anywhere in the UK. There are many ways to move up in the company, and having experience at Domino’s makes you a strong candidate for jobs when you apply elsewhere. We’re going to talk about everything you need to know about Delivery Driver Jobs in Domino’s UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship.

Details of Delivery Driver Jobs in Domino UK for Foreigners Visa Sponsor

Job CountryUK
IndustryHospitality/ Food
Job TypeDelivery Driver
Minimum Experience RequiredNo
Education RequiredSecondary Level enough
Any Age LimitNo
Employment TermTemporary and Full-Time
Salary Hourly£12 per hour with mileage rates


  • Ownership of a Vehicle: Those who want to work as a delivery driver for Domino’s should have their own car or scooter that meets their standards.
  • Right to Work in the UK: Applicants must have a current UK passport or a visa that lets them legally work in the UK. Domino’s may be able to help qualified applicants get visas.
  • Full UK Driving License: Those who want to apply must have a full UK driving license with no more than 6 points. With this license, they should be able to legally drive a car for delivery reasons.
  • Passion for Customer Service: Candidates should really want to provide great customer service by making sure that items are delivered on time and with courtesy to customers.
  • Full UK Driving License: Applicants must be able to work well with others to make sure deliveries go smoothly and customers are happy.
  • Brand Representation: Candidates should work hard and be proud to reflect the Domino’s brand, keeping a professional and positive attitude when talking to customers.
  • Flexibility: As a delivery driver, you may have to work different jobs during the day, at night, or on the weekends. People who want to work for the company should be willing to work different hours as needed.

Job Duties of a Delivery Driver at Domino’s:

  • Delivering Pizzas and Products: Delivery Drivers are in charge of getting pizzas and other menu items to customers’ homes, offices, or other designated places on time.
  • Customer Service: One important part of the job is giving great customer service. Delivery drivers have to be polite to customers when they come in, check orders, take payments, and make sure customers are happy.
  • Safe Driving: Always making sure that you drive safely is very important. Delivery drivers have to follow the rules of the road, stay on the marked routes, and drive carefully to avoid accidents.
  • General Cleaning Duties: Delivery drivers may have general cleaning duties for their cars, like keeping the inside clean and putting delivery bags in order, as well as keeping the delivery area clean and well-organized.
  • Order Accuracy: It’s important to check orders before they are delivered to make sure they are correct, full, and of good quality. Delivery drivers might have to check orders again and fix any problems or problems that come up.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: In order to do my job, I have to take care of the delivery truck. This includes doing simple maintenance checks, refueling as needed, and telling someone about any problems or issues with the mechanics.
  • Communication: It’s important to be able to talk to your team members, bosses, and customers clearly. Delivery drivers may need to talk about the details of an order, when they will bring it, and any other special instructions to make sure everything runs smoothly.


  • Competitive Compensation: service drivers get paid a competitive hourly rate for each service, which can change depending on where they work. They may also get tips from customers.
  • Career Progression: Domino’s has great chances for career advancement. Delivery Drivers can move up in the company and take on roles with more responsibility.
  • Personal Growth: The job gives me chances to grow as a person by helping me learn how to communicate better, handle my time better, and provide better customer service.
  • Paid Holiday: Delivery drivers are eligible for paid vacation time, which lets them take time off and still get paid.
  • Free Uniform: Domino’s gives delivery drivers a free uniform that they can return when their job is over.
  • Flexible Hours: Delivery drivers can work during the day, at night, or on the weekends, so they can work around their own schedules and desires.
  • Pension Plan: Domino’s helps eligible workers save for retirement and plan for the future by giving them a pension plan.
  • Staff Discount: Delivery Drivers may get a discount on Domino’s goods as part of their job, which saves them money on meals and other purchases.
  • Business Insurance: Delivery Drivers (3rd Party) get free business insurance that protects them while they’re on the job.

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Who Can Apply

All Asian, African, and Latin American countries that want to find work in the UK or other European countries can apply for Delivery Driver Jobs in Domino’s UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship.

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua
  • Barbuda
  • Barbados
  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Dominicia
  • Sudan
  • Grenada
  • Trinidad
  • Tobago
  • Lucia
  • Vincent
  • The Grenadines
  • Kitts-Nevis
  • Montserrat.
  • All European, Asian, and African nationalities can apply.

How to Apply

More Info


Being a delivery driver at Domino’s UK is a satisfying job that can help you grow as a person and as a worker. It is a great option for people looking for work in the UK because it offers fair pay, flexible hours, and a supportive work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can apply for Delivery Driver Jobs at Domino’s UK?

    People from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, as well as European countries, can apply for delivery driver jobs at Domino’s UK and have their visas sponsored.

  2. What are the requirements to apply for a Delivery Driver position?

    People who want to work for Domino’s must have a legal work permit, a full UK driving license, and a good driving record. They must also own a vehicle that meets Domino’s standards and show that they love helping customers and representing the brand.

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