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Factory Jobs In Malaysia For Foreigners 2024

Malaysia’s thriving industrial scene has a lot of job options for foreigners who want to work in factories and enjoy their work. As of 2024, the country is still looking for talented people from other countries to join its production sector, which is doing very well. Find out about the different kinds of factory jobs that are out there and start a satisfying journey toward personal and professional growth.


Because Malaysia’s job market is so active, plant jobs have become a popular choice for foreigners looking for work. There is a lot of growth in the manufacturing sector, which gives expats a lot of options. Let’s talk about the specifics of plant jobs in Malaysia for outsiders in the year 2024.

Current Scenario of Factory Jobs in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the need for factory work has been steadily growing over the past few years. A big part of the country’s economic growth has been the industry sector, which has created a lot of jobs. This rise is because of the growth of businesses like electronics, textiles, and car manufacturing.

Details of Factory Jobs In Malaysia For Foreigners 2024

In Malaysia, factory jobs cover a wide range of tasks in many different fields, such as electronics, cars, textiles, and more. Here are some common positions:

  • Production Operator: As a production operator, your job is to run machines, work on an assembly line, and ensure the quality of the goods you make.
  • Quality Control Inspector: Check goods to make sure they meet quality standards and requirements.
  • Warehouse Assistant: As a warehouse assistant, your job is to keep track of inventory, handle stock, and help the flow of materials through the factory.
  • Machine Operator: Machine operators run and take care of specialized machines used in industrial processes.


  • Competitive Salaries: Factory jobs in Malaysia pay well, giving workers financial security and the chance to move up in their careers.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Many companies will sponsor foreigners’ visas if they meet certain requirements. This makes it easier for them to legally work in Malaysia.
  • Training and Development: In the manufacturing business, on-the-job training is used to improve skills and encourage professional growth.
  • Diverse Work Environment: Have experience working with people from different countries in a multicultural setting.

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Who Can Apply

Factory jobs in Malaysia are open to people from a wide range of school and work backgrounds. Specific qualifications depend on the job and the industry, but many roles don’t require advanced degrees, so people with a range of skills can apply.

Average Salary

How much you get paid for factory jobs in Malaysia depends on the type of work, the business, and your level of skill. People can usually expect hourly or monthly pay that is competitive and often higher than the minimum wage.

How to Apply

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In 2024, foreigners looking for factory jobs in Malaysia’s industry sector will have a lot of options. With good pay, help with getting a visa, training programs, and a diverse workplace, these jobs offer a way to grow professionally and personally. Check out the different job openings and start a rewarding journey in Malaysia’s booming business world.

People Also Ask

  1. What are some of the most common factory jobs in Malaysia?

    Common factory jobs in Malaysia include Production Operator, Quality Control Inspector, Warehouse Assistant, and Machine Operator, covering various industries such as electronics, automotive, and textiles.

  2. Do factory jobs in Malaysia require advanced degrees?

    While specific qualifications vary, many factory jobs in Malaysia do not require advanced degrees. These opportunities are accessible to individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds.

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