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Farm Jobs in Switzerland for Foreigners 2024 

Foreigners can work on farms in Switzerland People who aren’t very learned but want to work in any European country and make good money should wait until 2024. Switzerland is a beautiful country with beautiful scenery and countryside. Because of this, there are a lot of farm jobs all over Switzerland. It is also the world’s most peaceful country and has the best wage and lowest tax rates. A job on a farm is one of the most sought-after jobs in Switzerland. That is, for strangers, there is no better job than the one that everyone wants.

You can read this post to find out the whole process and step-by-step instructions for applying for this job. You can find out about all the important parts of the job, like what perks you get in exchange for meeting the requirements. You need to read this if you want to work on a farm in Switzerland.

Details of Farm Jobs in Switzerland for foreigners:

  • Job title: Farm Jobs
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Minimum age: 21-40 years
  • Knowledge required: Yes, not much
  • Experience required: Yes, not much
  • Job Nature: Full-time
  • Expected Salary: €10-€18
  • Free Food: Yes
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Free Transport: No
  • Free Medical Insurance: No


  • No minimum level of study is needed. There is no certificate, degree, or title.
  • You should be able to communicate very well in English.
  • No minimum amount of knowledge is needed.
  • Before you can start your full-time job, you have to go through full training.
  • You should already know how to grow basic crops (vegetables and animals), take care of animals, check their health, and use basic farm equipment.
  • The driver’s license from your home country must be legal and be attested, and your driving record must be checked.
  • Check for a criminal background.
  • You might have to work extra hours a lot.
  • tough on the body because you work in a fast-paced workplace and have to walk around a lot. You will also have to carry big loads of packed crops.
  • All necessary and supporting papers for a visa.


  • Gorgeous Views: Switzerland is famous for its beautiful scenery and rolling countryside. With views of mountains, lakes, and green pastures, working on a farm lets you experience the beauty of nature directly.
  • Immersion in Swiss Culture: Working on a farm is a one-of-a-kind way to learn about Swiss culture and customs. You can learn about farming methods, local customs, and tasty foods, which will help you understand Swiss history better.
  • Get Real-World Experience: Working on a farm gives you real-world experience with farming and taking care of animals. You can learn useful skills like how to plant and gather crops, take care of animals, drive farm equipment, and run the farm.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Working on a farm means doing a lot of hard work outside, which is good for your health. Getting some movement, fresh air, and being close to nature can all help your health.
  • Community Involvement: In Switzerland, farms are often an important part of the towns they serve. Working on a farm is a great way to get to know your friends, support local farming, and help make food production more sustainable.
  • Improvement of Skills: Working on a farm needs many skills, such as the ability to solve problems, keep track of time, and work with others. These are skills that can be useful in a number of different jobs.
  • Stable jobs: agriculture is an important business that provides food and other resources that people need. Farm jobs can be stable and lead to long-term work, especially in places where farming has been done for a long time.
  • A Taste of Switzerland: Switzerland is famous for its tasty dairy products, cheeses, candies, and other foods. For those who work on farms, fresh, locally grown food is available, and they can enjoy traditional Swiss food.
  • Networking Chances: People who live in farming areas often know each other well. When you work on a farm, you can meet other farmers, agricultural experts, and people who work in the same field, which can help you grow your business network.
  • Contribution to Sustainability: Switzerland’s farming methods often put sustainability, conservation, and caring for the earth first. There are eco-friendly ways to farm and healthy farming that you can help with by working on a farm.

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  1. Crop Cultivation:
    • Planting, watering, and taking care of crops like herbs, veggies, fruits, and grains.
    • Keeping an eye on the growth of crops, finding pests or diseases, and using the right treatments or poisons to get rid of them.
    • Making sure that quality and number standards are met by harvesting crops at the right time.
  2. Livestock Care:
    • taking care of animals like cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens by feeding, watering, and making sure they get the right food.
    • Cleaning and keeping animal housing to keep it clean and comfortable for the animals.
    • Watching over the health of animals, finding ones that are sick or hurt, and giving them basic veterinarian care or medicines.
  3. Equipment Operation:
    • Driving tractors, plows, seeders, harvesters, and irrigation systems, among other farm tools and machines.
    • Making sure that machines are in good working order by fixing and maintaining them on a regular basis.
    • Following the rules and practices for safety when using farm equipment.
  4. Land Maintenance:
    • Maintaining farm infrastructure, including fences, gates, and buildings.
    • Managing land for soil conservation, erosion control, and water management.
    • Implementing sustainable farming practices to protect the environment and promote biodiversity.
  5. Product Handling and Processing:
    • Sorting, packing, and storing harvested crops or products.
    • Processing agricultural products for sale or distribution, such as cleaning and packaging fruits or vegetables.
    • Following hygiene standards and food safety regulations during product handling and processing.
  6. Record-Keeping:
    • Maintaining accurate records of crop yields, livestock inventory, equipment usage, and farm expenses.
    • Recording data related to planting schedules, harvest dates, weather conditions, and pest management activities.
    • Using digital tools or software for farm management and data analysis.
  7. Seasonal Tasks:
    • Adapting to seasonal changes and performing tasks accordingly, such as planting in spring, harvesting in summer or fall, and winterizing equipment or facilities.
    • Participating in seasonal activities like pruning fruit trees, mowing fields, or preparing soil for planting.
  8. Teamwork and Communication:
    • Collaborating with other farm workers, supervisors, and agricultural experts to coordinate tasks and achieve production goals.
    • Communicating effectively with team members to ensure smooth workflow, safety compliance, and efficient farm operations.

Necessary equipment you should know how to operate

  • Tractor.
  • All necessary planting and harvesting general and specialized equipment.
  • Duster.
  • Loader machine.
  • Automated irrigation system
  • Feeding and watering system.

Top In-demand Farm Jobs in Switzerland:

  • Animal Farm Worker.
  • Dairy Farm Worker.
  • Poultry Farm Worker.
  • Sow Farm Manager.
  • Farm Foreman.
  • Farm Maintenance Labour.
  • Farm Supervisor.
  • Herdsman.
  • Food Production General Labour.
  • Heavy Equipment Operator.
  • Agricultural Technician.
  • Operations Supervisor.
  • Fruit/Vegetable Pickers.
  • Fruit/Vegetable Packers.
  • Farm Support Yard Workers.

Average Salary of a Farm Worker in Switzerland:

There are a lot of things that affect how much a farm worker makes on average, such as their skills, experience, location (especially in Switzerland, where wages can change from canton to canton), and so on. Salary Explorer, on the other hand, says that the average farm worker in Switzerland makes 16 CHF an hour.

How to apply

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Farm jobs in Switzerland are a great way for people from other countries to work in a beautiful country, learn about Swiss culture, and help make farming more sustainable. People in Switzerland really want farm jobs because they offer a lot of perks, are stable, and have a wide range of duties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the top in-demand farm jobs in Switzerland?

    Top in-demand farm jobs in Switzerland include roles like Animal Farm Worker, Dairy Farm Worker, Poultry Farm Worker, Farm Supervisor, Fruit/Vegetable Pickers, and Heavy Equipment Operator, among others.

  2. What is the average salary of a farm worker in Switzerland?

    The average pay for a farm worker in Switzerland depends on their skills, experience, where they work, and what they do (job role). Salary Explorer says that average pay for farm workers in Switzerland is about 16 CHF per hour.

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