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Fellowship Programs for 2024 – Fully Funded

The fellowships can last for a short time or a long time. The fellowship programs are for students at both the college and graduate levels. These fellowship programs are paid for in full. Academic programs that lead to a full degree are one type. Non-academic academic programs are another. You can apply for a number of fellowship programs starting on a list made up of different groups, universities, and charities.

These grants can help pay for many things, like school fees, living expenses, and trips. Most of the time, these grants are given out based on a mix of things, like academic achievement, relevance, and leadership skills. Read this post if you want to know how to apply for a scholarship. If you look below, you’ll find a list of fellowship programs for 2024.

List of Fellowships

The exact requirements will change for each internship program. Look at each program link and read more about it.

EWC Graduate Degree Fellowship

This is an offer for a full-time Master’s or PhD degree at the University of Hawaii, Mānoa in the United States. The fellowship pays for college, housing, meals, health care, books, and any other bills.

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme

The government of Hong Kong wants foreign students to get their Ph. D.s from universities in Hong Kong through the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship scheme. There are 300 Fellowships given out every year.

MCW Young Leaders Fellowship, USA

Participants in the MCW will spend 10 days in New York, USA, in July 2024. The fellowship lasts for a whole year. It’s an internship that doesn’t lead to a degree. People from all over the world between the ages of 18 and 26 can join the group.

EPFL Summer Fellowship in Switzerland

The EPFL fellowship is a three-month summer program that lets students in BSc, BTech, MSc, MTech, or similar programs study at EPFL University in their fields.

Cross Culture Program (CCP) Fellowship

The goal of the Cross Culture Fellowship is to make the networks between Germans and people around the world stronger. For two to three months, the friendship will last. And people from 40 countries can join.

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ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship

There is a summer student grant at Zurich University called the ETH grant. The fellowship is for undergraduate and graduate students who want to study over the summer.

Benefits of Fellowship Programs

  • Specialized Training: Fellowship programs offer specialized education and training in a particular field or discipline, enabling participants to acquire profound insights and expertise that might be beyond the scope of conventional academic or professional avenues.
  • Skill Development: Fellows are afforded the opportunity to cultivate an extensive array of critical success factors in their respective fields, including leadership, communication, research, problem-solving, and project management.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Fellowship programs frequently convene an eclectic cohort of participants, comprising policymakers, experts, professionals, and researchers within the respective discipline. This generates advantageous networking prospects that may culminate in future professional collaborations, mentorship, and opportunities for advancement.
  • Access to Resources: Fellowships generally enjoy access to funding opportunities, libraries, laboratories, and research facilities, among other resources that can be utilized to further their professional development and support their initiatives.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Numerous fellowship programs offer scholars mentorship and guidance from seasoned faculty members or professionals, who assist them in navigating their professional trajectories, surmounting obstacles, and attaining their objectives.
  • Acceptance and Prestige: Fellowship program selection is frequently regarded as an indication of distinction and acknowledgment of one’s merits and potential. This may augment the professional standing and credibility of the scholar in their respective discipline.
  • Professional Growth: Inclusion in a fellowship program can augment the credentials, expertise, and qualifications of the fellow, thereby creating avenues for progression and novel career prospects.
  • Global Perspective: Fellowship programs may afford participants the chance to engage in international collaboration, research, or exchange, thereby granting them a more comprehensive understanding of worldwide concerns and developments within their respective disciplines.
  • Individual Development: Fellowship programs frequently demand that participants confront intricate challenges, venture beyond their established boundaries, and assume additional obligations. Self-discovery, personal development, and confidence may result from this.
  • Contribution to Society: Fellowship programs frequently provide fellows with the opportunity to resolve critical social, environmental, or health issues, thereby enabling them to effect positive change and make a significant societal contribution.


Start your journey of learning and growing as a worker with fellowship programs in 2024. These chances are open to both college and graduate students and offer cash help for a range of activities. Check out the list of fellowships, make sure you meet the standards, and then apply to help your academic and personal growth.

  1. What Types of Fellowships are Available?

    In 2024, fellowship programs offer a variety of options, such as non-academic programs and academic programs that lead to full degrees. Different fellowships have different requirements for who can apply, but most look at things like academic success, usefulness, and leadership skills.

  2. How Can I Apply for Fellowship Programs?

    Visit the links to the individual programs in the list to apply for fellowships in 2024. To make sure your application is accepted, read over the standards and application process for each fellowship.

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