Finland Seasonal Work Permit – Types of Seasonal Permits

In Finland, people who are not from Europe can get a seasonal work permit if they work in agriculture or tourism and their job is seasonal. We will talk in depth about how to get a summer work visa for Finland, the different types of permits you can get, and a full list of seasonal jobs. This year, you can work for three to six months, or up to nine months. As of March 31, 2024, the pay must be at least €1,399 per month.

For summer work in 2024, the Finnish Immigration Service got 1,894 applications in 2021, 1,289 in 2022, 1,205 in 2023, and 1,894 applications in 2021. Based on the numbers given by the Finnish Immigration Service. You need to get the right work permit as a contract worker. Here is a list of the types of permits and how to apply for them step by step.

Types of Finland Seasonal Work Permits

A “seasonal work permit” can be a seasonal work visa, a certificate for seasonal work, or a permit to live in the country for seasonal work.

The type of seasonal work pass you need depends on how long you will be working.

  • Seasonal work visa
  • Certificate for seasonal work
  • Residence permit for seasonal work

Finland Seasonal Work Visa

If you are from a country that needs a visa to enter Finland and are only going to be there for three months to work, you should apply for a summer work visa.

Certificate for Seasonal Work

Let’s say you are coming from a country where people do not need a visa to come to Finland to work for up to three months. If that’s the case, you should ask the Finnish Immigration Service for a summer work certificate.

Residence Permit for Seasonal Work

The Finnish Immigration Service will give you a residence pass for seasonal work if you want to come to Finland to work for more than three months and no more than nine months.

What Counts as a Seasonal Worker?

Branches of Agriculture: Farming includes growing crops and animals, as well as related service activities like hunting and related service activities. Forestry includes planting trees and doing other activities related to forests.

Branches of Tourism: lodging and food service, ski resorts, tour operators, other reservation services, and related services, like tour guide services, activities in theme parks and amusement parks, support services for the performing arts, and coastal and inland passenger water transport.

Examples of work that counts as seasonal work

  • Picking of garden berries
  • Raising and care of dairy cattle
  • Raising and caring for pigs
  • Employment at a fur farm
  • Work associated with forestry and silviculture
  • Gathering of cones for seed production
  • Work associated with accommodation or restaurants provided that the company’s activities are seasonal
  • work as a tourist guide or wilderness guide
  • work as a ski instructor.

Requirements for Finland Seasonal Work Permits

Extention of a Permit

The good news is that you can renew your work permit from inside Finland when your residence permit runs out. You can get an Extended pass if you want to work during the summer.

Job Requirement

  • For Seasonal Work Visa: A job offer is NOT required for 3 months. You can apply for the Schengen visa.
  • Certificate for Seasonal Work: A confirmed Job offer is required.
  • Residence Permit for Seasonal Work: A confirmed Job offer is required.

Application Process for the Finland Seasonal Work Permit

There are different ways to apply for and meet the standards for each type of seasonal work permit. Here are the links.

Please click on the links below to learn more about Finland’s seasonal work permits.


People who want to work in Finland during the summer need to know about the different types of permits that are available, the requirements to be eligible, the job requirements, and the application process. Applicants can look at different choices in the agriculture and tourism sectors, whether they want a seasonal work visa, a certificate, or a residence permit. People who want to work as summer workers in Finland can get through the process easily and have a rewarding experience by using tools like EnterFinland and the Finnish Immigration Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements for obtaining a seasonal work permit in Finland?

    No matter what country they are from, most people who work in agriculture or tourism can apply for a seasonal work pass in Finland. Language skills and other needs may be different. To get a certificate or residence pass for seasonal work, you need to show that you have a job offer.

  2. What are the different types of seasonal work permits available in Finland?

    Finland offers seasonal work permits in the form of a seasonal work visa, certificate for seasonal work, or residence permit for seasonal work, depending on the duration of employment (three to nine months).

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