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House Cleaner Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Cleaning people’s homes in the United States is a great way to get a job and get your visa sponsored. This article goes into great depth about these jobs, including what they entail, what skills are needed, the benefits, and how to apply.

What is Visa Sponsorship?

Visa support means that a person who lives in a country pays for a visitor to come and visit. This can be done by a family member, a business, or a job. When a foreign worker applies for a visa through employment-based sponsorship, the company asks the USCIS to help to process the application.

Details of House Cleaner Jobs in USA:

  • Job title: House Cleaner
  • Job Region: USA
  • Work Type: Full-time and part-time
  • Expected Compensation: $15-17 per hour (Basic Rate) and higher with experience
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
  • Education and Experience: No specific requirements


  • Education: Most of the time, you need a high school education or the equivalent. This shows that you have the basic reading and math skills needed for the job.
  • Valid Driver’s License: Some jobs as a house cleaner may need you to have a valid driver’s license, especially if you have to move between clients’ homes or use company cars.
  • Language Skills: Being able to speak and write English well is necessary for working with clients and your team.
  • Physical Skills: As part of their job, house cleaners should be able to move things and lift heavy things. This could mean moving things like furniture, vacuum cleaners, and cleaning tools.
  • Mental Strength: House cleaners need to be able to stay on their feet for long amounts of time, which requires mental strength. They should be able to do the hard work of cleaning without getting too tired.
  • Attention to Detail: Paying close attention to details is very important for making sure that the cleaning is thorough and of high quality. Cleaners should be able to see dirt, spots, and other cleaning needs in different parts of a house and take care of them.
  • Reliability and Trustworthiness: Because house cleaners often work alone in clients’ homes, employers look for people who are reliable and trustworthy. Being on time, telling the truth, and caring about your clients’ property and safety are all parts of this.
  • Experience and Training: You don’t have to have worked as a house cleaner before, but it can be helpful if you have. Some employers may teach you on the job, or they may prefer people who have experience in the field.

Job Description of a House Cleaner

  • Sanitizing and cleaning various areas
  • Notifying homeowners of potential health and safety risks
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, washing windows, and cleaning floors
  • Ordering cleaning supplies when needed
  • Additional tasks may include laundry, dishwashing, and childcare

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Advantages of House Cleaner Jobs in USA

  • Visa Sponsorship and Immigration Opportunities: Some companies may sponsor visas for qualified applicants, which lets people legally work and live in the United States. This can be especially helpful for people from other countries who want to build a career in the country.
  • Stable Employment with Career Growth: Cleaning people’s homes is often a stable job with room for career growth and progress. Cleaners can become supervisors or specialize in certain types of cleaning with more training and experience.
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits Package: Many employers hire house cleaners and give them competitive pay and a wide range of benefits. This could include paid time off, health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks that help with money and health.
  • Opportunities for Overtime and Additional Tasks: House cleaners may be able to get extra work and overtime pay depending on their boss and job. This can help you make more money and give you more options for your daily tasks.
  • Free Accommodation and Transportation: House cleaners may get free housing and transportation from their employers in some situations, especially if they live with clients or move between locations. This could lower your living costs and make the job easier to do.
  • Flexible Work Schedules: Many jobs as house cleaners offer flexible work plans that help workers balance their personal and professional obligations. This kind of flexibility can be especially helpful for people who have other hobbies or responsibilities outside of work.
  • Satisfaction at Work: People who like to clean and organize may find job satisfaction and pleasure as house cleaners. It can be satisfying to see the effects of their work right away and help clients keep their homes clean and comfortable.

Salary for House Cleaner in the USA:

Most house cleaners in the US make between $15 and $17 an hour, but this can change depending on where they work and how much experience they have.

Part-time and Full-Time House Cleaner Jobs in USA

Both part-time and full-time house cleaners can find work in a variety of places across the United States.

How to Apply?

More Info


work cleaning people’s homes in the United States can help people get work and get their visas sponsored. For these jobs, you usually need to have a basic education, be mentally and physically strong, pay attention to details, and be dependable. Even though having experience is helpful, some employers will teach you on the job if you don’t have any. House cleaners do many things, like sanitizing, dusting, sweeping, and organizing. Sometimes they also have to do things like laundry or watch kids. The pros of these jobs are that they can support visas, offer stable employment with room for career growth, pay well and offer benefits, allow for flexible work schedules, and make people happy at work. There are both full-time and part-time jobs available. Pay ranges from $15 to $17 an hour, and extra pay is possible. People who want to work as house cleaners can apply through public job boards, staffing firms, or directly with employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements for house cleaner jobs in the USA?

    Usually, you need to have completed high school or something similar, a legal driver’s license, be able to speak and write English fluently, be physically and mentally strong, pay close attention to details, be reliable, and be trustworthy.

  2. What are the advantages of house cleaner jobs in the USA?

    Some of the perks are the chance to get a visa sponsored, stable work with room for advancement, competitive pay and benefits, the chance to work extra hours, free housing and transportation in some cases, flexible work schedules, and a job that you enjoy.

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