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Recruitment Agencies in Mongolian for Foreigners 2024

Mongolian job agencies for both Mongolians and people from other countries! Unemployment is a big problem in the modern world, especially for people who are going through a tough time and don’t know what to do next. People who have lost their drive can get it back with the help of the best Mongolian employment companies.

Getting help from a recruitment firm is a good way to make connections and form partnerships. They can help people looking for work get the job they want, and they can also help business owners pick the best person for the job.

For more help with your job search, see our list of the best Mongolian staffing companies below. Want to know more about part-time jobs in Mongolia? Are you looking for information about whether or not agents’ fees are taken out of your pay? You might also be interested in how much it costs to hire a recruiter in Mongolia.

Mongolian Recruitment Firms for Residents and Foreigners

In Mongolia, there are a number of hiring services that can help people looking for work find jobs in a wide range of fields. Here are a few examples:

1. PwC Mongolia:

A global professional services company called PwC has a recruitment branch whose main job is to find people to fill consulting, finance, and accounting jobs.

2. EZ-HR Solutions.

The name of the company that does a lot of different HR tasks, like hiring, salary, and training, is EZ-HR Solutions.

3. Adecco Mongolia:

This business is part of the worldwide Adecco Group and helps many different industries find staff, such as in banking, engineering, and healthcare.

4. KPMG Mongolia:

This multinational professional services business has a recruitment department whose main job is to find people to fill consulting, finance, and accounting jobs.

5. Deloitte Mongolia:

Deloitte is a different international professional services firm that has a recruitment area that focuses on finding people to fill consulting, finance, and accounting jobs.

6. Talent Partners Mongolia

Talent Partners Mongolia is a business that specializes in hiring people for jobs in mining and construction.

7. Pro-Staff LLC

Pro-Staff LLC is a company that hires people for jobs in the mining and building industries.

8. Mongolian Staffing Solutions

The name of the company that helps people find jobs in many fields, like IT, healthcare, and banking, is Mongolian Staffing Solutions.

9. JobNet:

A website that helps people looking for work connect with businesses in different fields.

10. Top Job:

This business helps people find jobs in many fields, such as healthcare, IT, and banking.

11. JobMongolia

JobMongolia is an online resource that enables job seekers to look for openings and submit their applications to businesses.

12. Manpower Mongolia

Manpower Mongolia is part of the global Manpower Group and helps businesses find staff in many areas, such as healthcare, IT, and banking.

13. MP Group:

This business helps people in the banking, finance, and IT industries find jobs.

14. JobNet Mongolia

JobNet Mongolia is a website where people looking for work can look for openings and send applications to companies.

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Common Occupations in Mongolia

  • A lot of rural people make most of their money from farming and taking care of animals.
  • mines, mostly for gold, copper, coal, and coal.
  • building as the economy and number of cities grow in the country.
  • Mongolia is a famous tourist spot because of its beautiful landscapes and nomadic way of life.
  • In big cities, too, services like hotels and stores are becoming more important.
  • jobs in the public sector, like government, education, healthcare, and more.
  • both making things and selling them.

Do employers deduct recruiters’ fees from your pay?

Recruiters usually get paid by the company hiring, not by the person applying for the job. One service that recruiters may charge a candidate for is writing their resume or giving them job advice. These costs are usually made clear from the start, and they are separate from any pay the company gives. Also, keep in mind that there are different kinds of marketers. Some get paid a salary, others on commission, and still others work on their own.

Jobs for English speakers in Mongolia

Mongolia has job possibilities for people who speak English, such as

  • teachers of English because schools and other organizations want people to learn English.
  • Because so many tourists come to Mongolia speaking English, there is a need for tour guides and hotel staff who can speak the language.
  • Mongolia is becoming a more important place for business, including foreign trade and investment. English is the main language used for business in many areas.
  • foreign mining companies that work in Mongolia need people who can speak English for their mines.
  • When working for a government or an NGO, English is the main language used for conversation.
  • in both translation and analysis.
  • jobs in marketing and sales for global companies.

Mongolian part-time employment

Mongolia has many part-time jobs that you can do based on your skills and education. Here are a few examples:

  • Data entry and administrative support: Many businesses in Mongolia need part-time administrative help and support staff to do things like data entry and office work.
  • Online employment: Because of the pandemic, more and more people are looking for work online. You can now find many part-time jobs online, such as graphic design, content writing, web development, online teaching, and more.
  • Retail and sales: Many shops and businesses in Mongolia need part-time salespeople who can work flexible hours.
  • Customer service: Several companies in Mongolia are looking for part-time workers who can be flexible with their hours.
  • Tutoring: If you speak a foreign language well or know a lot about a certain subject, you can work as a part-time coach or teacher.

How much does hiring a recruiter cost in Mongolia?

It’s hard to say how much it will cost to hire a recruiter in Mongolia because it depends on the services offered, the type of recruiter, and the state of the job market. Some marketers may charge a flat fee, while others may charge a certain amount of the candidate’s first year’s pay.

Another thing to remember is that there are different types of marketers and headhunters. Some work for themselves and get paid on commission, while others get paid a salary. It would be helpful to compare the costs and services offered by different Mongolian recruiters in order to find the best option for your needs.


Check out the best Mongolian job agencies for both Mongolians and people from other countries. They offer jobs in finance, mining, building, IT, and other fields. Learn about the services that staffing companies like KPMG, PwC Mongolia, and Adecco Mongolia offer. Find out about part-time jobs, popular jobs in Mongolia, and jobs for people who speak English. Find out how much it costs to hire a recruiter in Mongolia and how much recruiters charge. You can find part-time jobs like data entry, online work, retail, customer service, and tutoring.

People Also Ask

  1. Do employers deduct recruiters’ fees from your pay?

    Most of the time, the company hiring pays the recruiter, not the person applying for the job. There may be fees for resume writing or job help from recruiters, but these are not part of the pay they get from the hiring company.

  2. Are there jobs for English speakers in Mongolia?

    Yes, English speakers can work in Mongolia as English teachers, tour guides, hotel staff, businesspeople, workers for foreign mining companies, in the government or for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or in marketing and sales for global companies.

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