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Unskilled Jobs in Australia With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Let’s Talk About Unskilled Jobs in Australia With Visa Sponsorship, Numerous businesses in Australia are currently hiring unskilled employees for non-skilled positions, so you can achieve your goal of moving there for employment. This post will include links to websites where you can readily register for these positions, as well as comprehensive information on how to obtain visa sponsorship for low-skill employment in Australia.

Knowing that some businesses are prepared to sponsor their employees’ visas will increase your chances of finding employment in Australia. We can confirm that the Australian employers on our list of open menial positions are willing to hire foreign nationals.

To increase your chances of obtaining a position, be sure to read the entire job description and meticulously adhere to the application process. With the links supplied below, applying for these low-skilled jobs in Australia is now easier than ever.

Therefore, what are you still waiting for? Start searching for entry-level positions in Australia and take a significant step toward realizing your goal of working in this breathtaking nation. With some effort and determination, you could be living and working in Australia soon.

Details of Unskilled Jobs in Australia With Visa Sponsorship

  • Country: Australia
  • Job type: Unskilled
  • Experience/Knowledge Required: None
  • Age Limit: A minimum of 22 years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Most companies offer
  • Salary: 20 AUD per hour

Benefits of Unskilled Jobs in Australia

  • Ability to gain access: Typically, unskilled jobs are simple to locate and apply for, making them accessible to a wide range of job applicants, including entry-level workers, students, and those reentering the workforce.
  • Rapid Entry: Often, unskilled tasks can be started quickly, which can be advantageous if you require immediate employment or are seeking a temporary source of income.
  • The ability to adapt: Numerous unskilled occupations offer flexible work hours and part-time or seasonal employment opportunities, which can be ideal for individuals who must balance work with other obligations, such as education or family obligations.
  • Reduced Tension: Compared to more demanding, high-responsibility positions, unskilled jobs may have lower stress levels, making them suitable for those desiring a less stressful work environment.
  • Fewer Training Hours: Since menial jobs do not necessitate specialized training or education, you can typically begin working and earning a wage sooner than in skilled or professional positions.
  • Diverse Possibilities: Various industries, including retail, hospitality, agriculture, and manual labor, offer unskilled employment opportunities. This diversity enables you to investigate various fields and acquire a vast array of work experience.
  • Educational Opportunities: Although these jobs may not initially require specific skills, you can still acquire valuable transferable skills, such as time management, customer service, collaboration, and communication, which can be advantageous for future career advancement.
  • Cash flow: Although unskilled occupations may not pay well, they can be a reliable source of income, particularly when combined with full- or part-time hours.
  • Entering the Door: Unskilled positions can lead to higher-paying positions within the same organization or industry. By gaining experience and demonstrating your work ethic, you may be eligible for promotions.
  • The value of networking: Even in unskilled positions, it is possible to develop a network of coworkers and supervisors who may be able to provide references or connections for future employment opportunities.
  • Lack of dependence: Some unskilled jobs, such as driving for a delivery service or cleaning, may enable you to work independently, which can be appealing if you value independence.
  • Physical Exercise: Jobs requiring manual labor or physical activity can provide exercise and keep employees physically active throughout the workday.

Who can apply?

These unskilled occupations are available to anyone who is legally permitted to work in Australia. This includes Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, and individuals with legitimate work visas or permits.

Foreign workers may also apply for these unskilled jobs in Australia if they satisfy the required qualifications and have the appropriate permits or visas. Before applying for a job, it is essential to verify the eligibility requirements and ensure that you have the required documentation.

Average Salary of Unskilled Jobs in Australia

Before taxes, the current starting wage for full-time adult workers in Australia is AUD 20.33 per hour or AUD 772.60 per 38-hour workweek. Some unskilled jobs may pay more, however, if you have the required knowledge or in-demand talents.

Some common unskilled jobs in Australia and their average salaries include:

  • Fruit Picker/Harvester: AUD 20–25 per hour
  • Farm Worker/Laborer: AUD 20–25 per hour
  • Cleaner: AUD 20–25 per hour
  • Retail Assistant: AUD 20–25 per hour
  • Warehouse Worker: AUD 20–25 per hour

List of Unskilled Jobs in Australia

Fruit Picker/Harvester

During Australia’s harvest season, fruit harvesting is a common menial occupation. This position requires the collection of fruits, cherries, grapevines, and citrus fruits from plantations and farmlands.

  • evaluating the quality and ripeness of produce
  • Additionally, harvest fruits by hand, with cherry pickers, or with scaffolding.
  • In addition, organize fruits before placing them in cartons or containers.
  • Moreover, employing apparatus such as harvesters, tractors, or pruning tools
  • Lastly, maintain safe and clean workplaces.

Farm Worker/Laborer

On farms, workers and laborers are responsible for a variety of agricultural duties, including the cultivation, harvesting, and care of crops and livestock. Rural areas of Australia have a demand for this menial occupation.

  • Priority number one is preparing the soil for sowing.
  • Additionally, practice plant harvesting and pruning.
  • Furthermore, providing food, water, and care for animals
  • Moreover, operating and maintaining farm apparatus and equipment
  • Additionally, produce sorting, packaging, and transportation
  • Moreover, the maintenance of agricultural boundaries, buildings, and other structures
  • Finally, cleansing and disinfecting agricultural structures and tools


Cleaning personnel are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of public areas, workplaces, and private residences. In Australia, especially in urban areas, this menial occupation is in high demand.

  • Dusting, vacuuming, and sanitizing the floors
  • Next, kitchen and bathroom tidiness
  • Also, cleansing of rugs and furniture
  • Additionally, disinfecting equipment and surfaces
  • In addition, removing garbage and recyclables
  • In addition, replenish your supplies, such as soap and lavatory paper.
  • Specifically, notifying authorities of any maintenance issues or potential hazards

Retail Assistant

In stores, supermarkets, and shopping centers, retail employees assist consumers. This low-paying employment is in high demand in Australia, particularly in cities with a great deal of foot traffic.

  • Prioritize greeting consumers and answering their inquiries.
  • Second, locating products or dimensions for clients
  • Third, transaction processing and operating cash registers
  • Fourth, arranging shelves and stocking them with merchandise.
  • Next, maintaining a spotless store
  • Also, monitoring inventory levels and reporting changes
  • Moreover, refunds and exchanges must be processed.
  • Lastly, increase sales and introduce new products

Warehouse Worker

The warehouse staff is responsible for a variety of duties, including the receipt, preservation, and shipment of goods in a warehouse or distribution center. This low-paying occupation is in high demand in Australia, particularly in the country’s industrialized regions.

  • Initially, receiving and inspecting incoming products
  • Next, the arrangement and storage of products in a warehouse
  • Also, selecting the correct shipping order and packaging
  • In addition, using pallet cranes, forklifts, and other material-handling equipment
  • Moreover, accounting and recordkeeping for the inventory
  • Additionally, lifting and unloading containers while operating a vehicle is dangerous.
  • Lastly, maintaining the warehouse’s order and sanitation

Construction Laborer

In construction locations, laborers have multiple responsibilities. In the Australian construction industry, this low-paying position is in particularly high demand.

  • Material and equipment delivery and unloading
  • Next, trench digging and backfilling
  • Additionally, cleaning and preparing building locations
  • In addition, assisting with concrete pouring and grouting
  • Moreover, the erection and dismantling of temporary structures, such as scaffolding, is costly.
  • Similarly, using both manual and electrical equipment
  • In addition, assisting experienced tradespeople such as carpenters, plumbers, and electricians is essential.
  • Observing security protocols and laws must take precedence.

Food Service Worker

Food service professionals prepare and serve food and refreshments in restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments. This low-paying work is in demand in Australia, particularly in urban areas with a dense tourist population.

  • First, receiving and inputting customer orders into a computer system
  • Next, prepare and cook foods such as sandwiches, salads, and hamburgers.
  • In addition, using kitchen equipment such as grills, fryers, and ovens
  • In addition, providing customers with food and beverages.
  • Similarly, cleansing and disinfecting workspaces, equipment, and supplies are essential.
  • In addition, handling cash, credit cards, and other forms of payment
  • Moreover, contributes to the procurement of supplies and inventory management
  • Last but not least, food safety guidelines and procedures must be followed.

Delivery Driver

The duty of delivery drivers is to transport products and shipments to consumers and businesses. Due to the growth of online shopping and residential delivery, there is a high demand for this unskilled position in Australia.


The following responsibilities are typical for delivery drivers:

  • Loading products and parcels into a delivery vehicle
  • Next, selecting a delivery route and determining the final destination for businesses and consumers
  • Additionally, obtaining consumer signatures and confirming their identity
  • Moreover, payment for purchases made via cash-on-delivery (COD) is due upon delivery.
  • Similarly, managing and communicating delivery issues or delays to customers
  • Moreover, maintaining delivery records and vehicle documents is essential.
  • Finally, observing traffic regulations and safety measures

How to Apply for Unskilled Jobs in Australia

The quickest method to apply for any of these employment opportunities in Australia is via the employment portal website, where you can search for job titles and view a large number of relevant advertisements. These job listings can assist you in finding employment in Australia.

People Also Ask:

  1. Can I sponsor an unskilled worker in Australia?

    Eligibility for unskilled employment in Australia with visa sponsorship. If you are looking for an unskilled job in Australia with visa sponsorship, you must meet a few requirements. You must have a valid visa to work in Australia. You should also have a basic understanding of English.

  2. How can I move to Australia as an unskilled worker?

    First, you must have the appropriate visa that allows you to work in Australia. Secondly, you will need a basic level of English proficiency. And finally, you have to be able to demonstrate that you are physically able to perform the tasks required of the job.

  3. Which skill is most in demand in Australia?

    The Top Occupations in Demand in Australia
    Nurses and medical staff
    Software programmer and IT
    Trades and Construction
    White Collar Management/Professionals
    Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers

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