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Unskilled Tourism Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners 2024

A well-known Singaporean consulting company called SCIENTEC CONSULTING PTE. LTD. helps experienced professionals find jobs that match their skills. We ask people from around the world who are interested in working in tourism and want to make unforgettable travel experiences to look at our job openings. Help us shape the future of the travel business.

We at SCIENTIFIC CONSULTING PTE. LTD. knows that tourism has a huge impact on both cultural exchange and economic growth. As part of our goal to improve travel experiences and support sustainable tourism, we work hard to match talented people with jobs that help the tourism industry grow.

The Appeal of Unskilled Tourism Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is a tourist hub that draws millions of people every year. Because this business is so strong, there is always a need for unskilled workers in a variety of positions. Why do people from other countries want these jobs?

Tourism jobs that don’t require a lot of skill can help you learn about other cultures, get useful work experience, and make good money. Singapore is open to people from all walks of life, whether they are students, new graduates, or just looking for an adventure.

Details Of Unskilled Tourism Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

  • Job Position: Tour Guide
  • Job Types: Full-Time or Part-Time
  • Education: Bachelor, Diploma, or Secondary, which is as prescribed below
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Minimum Experience: Min. 1–3 years of experience
  • Salary:  $2,600–3,000 Monthly
  • Location: Orchard, 0Xc00691Ab60, Singapore

Crafting Memorable Journeys

SCIENTEC CONSULTING PTE. LTD. gives people from other countries the chance to work on new tourist projects. Your skills in creating one-of-a-kind travel experiences will be highly valued as you help Singapore’s tourism business grow.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Unskilled Tourism Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

  • Tourism Experience Planner: Make real and interesting travel plans by putting together events that suit a wide range of interests.
  • As a Tourism Marketing Specialist, you will come up with and use marketing plans to promote tourist spots and sites.

Qualifications Of Unskilled Tourism Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

  • You need to have education, a certification, or training in tourism, hospitality, or a related field.
  • Being able to come up with creative and immersive trip experiences for different types of travelers.
  • Being aware of the market means knowing about things like consumer tastes, marketing strategies, and tourist trends.
  • Using your communication skills, write interesting stories about places to visit to get people to visit.
  • Collaborative Mindset: Work with clients, vendors, and partners to create experiences that are complete.
  • To be able to work in Singapore, foreign applicants must have a legal work permit.

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Benefits Of Unskilled Tourism Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

  • Employment Opportunities: Singapore’s tourism business is thriving and varied, and there are many jobs available for people in a wide range of roles, such as tour guides, hotel staff, retail workers, and customer service reps.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Employers in Singapore are ready to help foreign workers get work visas if they work in the tourism industry. This support makes it easier for people to legally enter and stay in Singapore, so they can work and contribute to the industry.
  • Exposure to different cultures: Foreigners who work in tourism can fully experience Singapore’s varied setting. Talking to people from other countries and exchanging cultural ideas is a great way to learn more about other cultures and points of view.
  • Skill Development: Even in low-skilled tourism jobs, workers can learn useful skills like how to communicate, help customers, solve problems, work as a team, and be flexible. People can use these skills in a lot of different fields, which can help them get jobs.
  • Competitive Wages and Benefits: Many tourism jobs in Singapore offer competitive wages, benefits like health insurance, and chances for overtime pay or bonuses, depending on the company and job.
  • Growth in Your Job: If you work in the tourism industry, you can move up in your job. People can move up to higher positions or try their hand at different areas of the business if they work hard, gain experience, and keep learning.
  • Networking Opportunities: People who work in the tourism industry often meet with people from different backgrounds, such as tourists, other workers, and people who work in the industry. When you network in this setting, you might find new jobs, form partnerships, or make business connections.
  • Quality of Life: Singapore is known for having a high quality of life, which includes a safe environment, clean streets, good public transportation, medical facilities, schools, and fun things to do. People from other countries who work in tourism can get these perks while they live and work in the city-state.
  • Gateway to Asia: Singapore’s location makes it a doorway to Asia, letting tourists and locals alike explore nearby countries and cultures when they have free time. This can help people learn new things and have a better experience generally.
  • Contribution to the Economy: Foreigners who work in Singapore’s tourism business help the economy grow and create jobs in an important sector that also encourages cultural exchange and understanding.


Tourist jobs in Singapore that don’t require a lot of skill give tourists a unique chance to experience a lively, multicultural society while making money. There may be problems, like not being able to get a work permit or speaking the language, but anyone can take advantage of these chances if they are determined and have the right tools. Your time in Singapore will be unique, whether you work as a hotel housekeeper, a restaurant server, or a tour guide.

  1. How Can I Get a Job in Singapore as a Foreigner?

    People from other countries who want to work in Singapore need to get a work visa first. This means that getting a job before going to the country is best. Use this tool from the Ministry of Manpower to find out if you can get a work visa.

  2. What Type of Tourism Is Popular in Singapore?

    Beaches, theme parks, and Singapore’s first casino are some of the things to do on the island. Sentosa Island is in Singapore’s Southern Islands. From its beautiful beaches to its busy activities, Sentosa Island is full of differences.

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