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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Palau for Foreigners 2024

Palau jobs that will pay for your visa for foreigners in 2024 and 2025! Are you interested in working in an Oceania country? Are you trying to find a job in Palau that will pay for your visa? You could go abroad to work or study through a number of different choices.

Palau is a beautiful island country surrounded by the clear blue seas of the Pacific Ocean. There aren’t many businesses in this area because most of the islands are spread out. Palau’s income is mostly based on fishing, farming, and tourism. About 75% of the workforce is employed by tourism, which makes up 80% of the country’s GDP.

This piece will talk about the Palau visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners in 2024/2025, why you need a work permit in Palau, how to apply for a work permit in Palau, how long it takes to get a work permit in Palau, and a lot more.

Palau Visa Sponsorship Jobs for Foreigners 2024

  • Communication Specialists
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Digital Marketing
  • Supermarket cashiers
  • Housekeeping
  • English Teaching
  • Computer jobs
  • Information and Technology Assistance
  • Call Center Opportunities
  • Bar attendant
  • Construction Worker
  • Warehouse Clerk Jobs in Palau
  • Project Coordinator
  • Sustainability Data Specialist – Kiribati – Individual Consultant.


  1. Legal Authorization: Finding a job that will support your visa is the only way to be sure that you can legally work in Palau. This gives foreigners peace of mind and stops them from worrying about working without permission.
  2. Employment Stability: Visa sponsorship gives foreigners a stable way to work, usually through formal employment contracts that spell out the rights, duties, and standards of the job, which gives them a sense of security.
  3. Cultural Immersion: People from other countries can fully experience Palau’s unique culture, customs, and way of life by working there with a visa sponsorship. This first-hand experience helps people understand and appreciate other cultures, which is good for personal growth and raising knowledge around the world.
  4. Career Development: Visa-sponsored jobs often offer chances to move up in your work and improve your skills. Foreigners can improve their applications, learn new skills, and make new connections, which can lead to better job opportunities in Palau and around the world.
  5. Financial Security: There are a lot of jobs in Palau that will sponsor your visa and pay well. Some of the perks include health insurance, housing allowances, and help with transportation. This makes sure that foreign workers are financially stable and healthy.

Is it possible to obtain a work visa without a job offer?

No, to sum it up. You have to be honest and say that you don’t have a job offer to get a work visa. The company you work for in the future must be ready to pay for your visa and apply for it on your behalf.

Why is a work permit required?

With a work pass, you can legally show that you have a job in a foreign country. This legal paper makes sure that you can live and work in the country, so there won’t be any problems when you try to enter. If someone wants to work from Palau, they need to have a legal work permit.

Palau Work Visa Classifications

You must have a current Palau working visa or an ID card in order to work in Palau. Work permits are divided into groups based on the type of job and the length of time the employee will be working there. The following are some of the most common Palau work permits:

Provisional Work Permit: It’s also called a provisional identification certificate, and it lets people from other countries visit the country legally and work there. Private employers who want to hire workers from outside the country must get these ID cards. Employees can only apply for a Palau work permit once this paper is given to them.

Temporary Permits: This is a photo ID card for foreign workers who only need to be in the Republic of Palau for 90 days or less. The worker can choose to stretch the visa for an extra 90 days.

Visa for Missionaries: Visitors who can show true proof of religious work or community service can get this visa.

Work Visa Requirements in Palau

The Republic of Palau’s Division of Labor carefully checks each and every foreign work visa. Before hiring foreign workers, a business must first get permission to do so. No one can hire a nonresident worker without a provisional identification card. To get a work pass in Palau, you need the following:

  • A form that can be used to ask the Division of Labor for permission to hire a worker from outside the state.
  • Fee for applying.
  • A standard work contract.
  • An original document showing that you have been cleared by the police in your home country.
  • Original health certificate from a state health agency.
  • Two signed affidavits from past employers say that the worker has at least two years of experience in the same line of work.

How to Apply for a Work Visa in Palau

Foreigners are not welcome to work in the Republic of Palau. So, for a company to get a Palau working visa, the first thing they need to do is ask for permission to hire nonresidents. As soon as you get permission to hire foreign workers, you need to get a provisional nonresident worker identification card. The only way for your workers to get into Palau is to get a provisional identification certificate or a provisional work visa.

Once the employee gets their license, they have to enter the country within 60 days. Within ten days of entering the country, the nonresident worker must show proof that they have had a physical check and get a social security number. After that, the person will be given a nonresident worker identification card that is good for one year from the date of arrival.

Timeline for obtaining a work permit in Palau

The Division of Labor carefully looks over the forms and other paperwork. They make sure that the fee for applying for a work visa is paid. They decide if hiring people who don’t live in the country is good for the country. Applications that are missing parts are sent back with reasons. It can take anywhere from 15 days to a month to get a work pass for Palau. If the Chief thinks that no citizen or permanent resident can fill the post, the application is processed right away if it is for a managerial or top job.

What is the cost of sponsoring a work visa?

A visa sponsorship usually costs $4000, but it can go up to $8–9,000 if the company has more than fifty workers, and at least fifty of those employees are from outside the United States.

Work Permit Fees in Palau

When you arrive in Palau, you can get a free visa. For a Palau working visa, however, you have to pay an application fee of $50.

How long is the validity of a Palau work visa?

In Palau, the foreign worker visa is only good for one year. They can renew the visa later if they need to.

How do I renew my working visa in Palau?

Applications to renew are handled the same way as applications to hire someone new, and they need the same paperwork. More than that, they need to be turned in 45 days before the worker’s ID card ends.


Foreigners can find work in Palau in several different fields, and some companies are even willing to sponsor work visas. This guide talks about the different kinds of work visas that are available in Palau, how to apply for them, the timeline for getting a work permit, how much visa sponsorship costs, how long work visas are good for, and how to renew them. People can look for work in Palau and get the work permits they need if they organize themselves well and follow the visa rules.

People Also Ask

  1. Can a foreigner get a job in Palau?

    Yes, people from other countries can work in Palau as long as they have a work visa, which needs permission from the Division of Labor and a provisional nonresident worker identification card. Employers must show that they need to hire overseas workers and follow the steps for applying for a visa.

  2. What are the types of work visas in Palau?

    Provisional work permits, temporary permits, and missionary visas are all types of work visas in Palau. Each type of visa is used for different things and has its own set of standards for who can get it and how to apply.

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