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Waiter Jobs in Luxembourg Visa Sponsorship

As of 2024, there were about 658.9 thousand people living in Luxembourg, which is between Belgium, France, and Germany. Because of its high incomes and wide range of jobs, this small but wealthy state attracts a lot of foreign workers. With a stable economy and low unemployment, Luxembourg is a great place for both highly skilled professionals and untrained workers to move to.

Why Work in Luxembourg?

  • High Salaries: The minimum wage in Luxembourg is one of the best in the world, which makes it a good place to work.
  • Stable Economy: Luxembourg has a stable job market because the jobless rate is only 5 to 6 percent and inflation is very low.
  • Diverse Job Market: Opportunities span across industrial, agricultural, and financial sectors.
  • Quality of Life: The GDP per person in Luxembourg is very high, and the standard of living is very high.
  • Social Security and Healthcare: A strong social security system makes sure that everyone gets full benefits, like health care and time off for motherhood.


  • Education: Most of the time, you need a high school graduation or something similar. For some jobs, you might need more schooling or training that is related to the job.
  • Experience: Having worked in the hospitality field before is often a plus, especially for jobs in hotels, restaurants, or businesses that deal with tourism. However, entry-level jobs may be open for people who don’t have any experience.
  • Skills: You need to be able to speak and write English well to get most jobs in Luxembourg, especially in the service industry where you may be working with people from other countries. Knowing French, German, or Luxembourgish can help you communicate better with clients and people who live in the area. To do well in hotel jobs, you also need to be able to communicate clearly and help customers.
  • Legal Eligibility: If you want to work in Luxembourg, you must be able to properly do so. If you are not from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you may need to get a work visa or a pass to live there. You should also be ready to have your past checked as part of the hiring process.


  • Customer Interaction: Greet customers and seat them quickly and politely, making the space feel welcome.
  • Order Management: Make sure that food and drink orders are taken correctly and sent to the cooking and bar staff.
  • Service Delivery: Make sure orders are delivered on time, keep an eye on tables to see if they need anything refilled, and offer personalized service to make the eating experience better.
  • Menu Knowledge: Clearly explain menu items, daily discounts, and deals so that customers can make smart decisions.
  • Dietary Accommodations: Talk about food allergies, restrictions, and preferences, and give choices and suggestions as required.
  • Cleaning: Make sure that the service areas, such as the eating tables, condiment stations, and serving trays, stay clean and well-organized.
  • Handling Payments: Make sure payments are handled correctly, figure out bills, handle cash and internet transactions, and give out change or receipts as needed.
  • Upselling: suggesting extra things or upgrades that will make the meal better and bring in more money.
  • Teamwork: Work together with the kitchen and bar staff to make sure everything runs smoothly and customers get great service.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Make sure your customers are happy, respond to any complaints or suggestions they have, and always try to go above and beyond to give them a great eating experience.


  • Work Hours: The average workweek is 40 hours, and any overtime is paid on top of that. This helps people find a good mix between work and life.
  • Paid vacation: After three months of work, employees are eligible to 25 days of paid vacation each year, which they can use to rest and relax.
  • Competitive Pay: The minimum wage in Luxembourg is high, and extra perks are often given based on age, qualifications, and experience. This makes sure that pay is competitive.
  • Social Security: People who pay into Social Security can get a wide range of benefits that protect and assist them financially at different times of their lives.
  • Health care: Workers in Luxembourg have access to high-quality health care because their employers pay for their medical bills and give them time off for sick days.
  • Parental Leave: Parents with kids younger than six years old can take paid parental leave to care for their kids. This helps parents balance their work and personal lives.
  • Professional Growth: There are many chances for employees to improve their skills and move up in their careers through training, foreign travel, and career growth.
  • Perks for Employees: Employees may get extra benefits like discounts, health and wellness programs, and recognition programs, which are good for their health and job happiness.

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As of 2018, the average net pay for a waiter or waitress in Luxembourg was 33,755 Euros per year, or 16 Euros per hour. Waiters and waitresses can also get a bonus of about 1,786 Euros.

How to Find a Job in Luxembourg

For foreigners to get a job in Luxembourg, they need credentials, experience, the ability to speak English, French, or German, and the determination to keep looking. Here are some good ways to look for work:

  • Official Employment Services: Visit the Luxembourg Public Employment Service website at ADEM.
  • Job Portals: Utilize job search websites like Option CarriereIndeed, and Moovijob.
  • Local Newspapers: Check job listings in popular Luxembourg newspapers like Luxemburger Wort.
  • Professional Networks: Register on professional networking sites like LinkedIn to connect directly with employers or recruitment agencies based in Luxembourg.


With its high wages, stable economy, wide range of jobs, and good quality of life, Luxembourg is a great place to look for work. This guide tells you everything you need to know about getting a job in this successful European country, from the requirements to the duties, the perks, and the pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements to work in Luxembourg?

    Typically, you need at least a high school diploma, relevant experience, language proficiency in English, French, or German, and legal eligibility (e.g., work visa).

  2. What are the responsibilities of workers in Luxembourg?

    Responsibilities vary based on the job, but common tasks include customer interaction, order management, service delivery, menu knowledge, dietary accommodations, cleaning, handling payments, upselling, teamwork, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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