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Truck Driver Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship

As of 2023, working as a truck driver in Poland with a visa sponsorship could be a great job for someone with little or no experience. It has been found that Poland, the Baltic States, and the whole EU need more skilled big truck drivers. There is also a high demand for new truck drivers. That’s why the country wants to support the entry of hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

In the same way, there is a lot of demand for delivery drivers and truck workers. As you do your job, you can enjoy the country’s beautiful scenery. You’re in the right place if you think you can drive anything, from a small car to a big truck. We have put together a post with all the information you need to find truck driver jobs in Poland that will sponsor your visa. The posts also include links to jobs and contact information for companies that need foreign drivers. We will do everything we can to help you get this job. This post has everything you need to know to apply for this job.

Details of Truck Driver Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Title: Truck Driver
  • Job Region: Poland
  • Knowledge required: No
  • Experience required: No
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
  • Expected Salary: 1000-1300 Euros
  • Employee Benefits: Yes


  • Digital card for a tachograph.
  • EC type of driving 3 years of driving experience, ideally abroad.
  • One year of work experience in this field.
  • Authorized by law to work in Poland.
  • Valid Driver’s License: If you want to drive a truck or lorry, you need a valid driver’s license. Most commercial cars require a Category C or C+E license.
  • Professional Qualifications: Depending on the type of goods and transportation, you may need to get extra professional qualifications, like a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).
  • Work Permit: If you want to officially work in Poland, you’ll need to get a work permit. Employers can often help with this process by sponsoring your application for a work pass.
  • Employment Contract: You must have an offer of work or an employment contract from a Polish company that wants to hire you as a truck driver and pay for your costs.
  • Language Skills: You may need to be able to speak and understand basic Polish or English in order to communicate well with coworkers and authorities. However, some foreign transportation companies may only speak English.
  • Health and Fitness: Truck drivers need to be in good shape because they have to drive and move items for long hours. Some companies might want to see a doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to do the job.
  • Driving Experience: Different jobs may have different standards, but it can be helpful to have experience as a truck driver, especially with long-haul transport.
  • Clean Driving Record: Usually, you need to have a clean driving record, which means that you haven’t had any major crashes or traffic tickets.
  • Knowledge of Rules: It’s helpful to know about transportation rules, road safety laws, and customs procedures, especially those that are specific to Poland and foreign travel.
  • Following the rules for working hours: Truck drivers in Poland have to follow the rules for working hours, breaks, and speed limits set by Polish and European Union laws.
  • Compliance with the Law: Make sure that all visa and labor laws are followed, as well as any Polish transportation industry-specific rules.
  • Criminal Background Check: Some employers may want to see a criminal record check or a certificate of good behavior from the country where you live.


  • The official salary is between 1000 and 1300 euros, and the customer pays for the work pass and the visa and the flight.
  • Health insurance
  • Work for three to four weeks, then take a week off, but get paid.
  • Poland needs more skilled truck drivers, so there are a lot of jobs for truck drivers there, especially in the logistics sector.
  • Quality of Life: There is a steady need for truck drivers in Poland because the country depends on roads to move goods between countries. This makes people in the profession feel like they have job security.
  • Truck drivers in Poland often make good money, especially when they work on long-haul or foreign routes. Some employers may also give bonuses or other incentives based on how well you do your job or how far you drive.
  • Opportunities to Travel: People who drive trucks can see different parts of Poland and nearby countries while moving goods. It gives people the chance to travel and learn about different countries and landscapes.
  • Flexibility: A lot of truck driving jobs let drivers pick their own routes and work hours, so they can make their jobs fit their needs and lifestyle.
  • Developing Your Skills: Driving a truck takes a special set of skills, such as being able to drive the truck, find your way around, and handle cargo. Working in this field gives people the chance to keep improving their skills by getting training on the job.
  • International Experience: For truck drivers who move goods between countries, the job gives them valuable experience with different laws, customs, and road conditions.
  • Advantages: Some companies give truck drivers advantages like health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other perks that make their jobs more enjoyable and improve their health.
  • Independence: Being a truck driver gives you some freedom because you often work alone and are in charge of your daily chores and schedules while you’re on the road.
  • Opportunities for Advancement: Truck drivers with a lot of experience may be able to move up in the transportation business by becoming fleet managers, dispatchers, or owner-operators.
  • Stable Industry: In Poland, the transportation industry is a stable and important part of the economy that provides steady jobs even when the economy changes.
  • Contribution to the Economy: Truck drivers are very important to the economy because they move things around and make sure supply chains stay running smoothly.
  • Cultural Exchange: Truck drivers can learn about other cultures and broaden their views by talking to people from different areas and backgrounds while they’re on the road.

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Job Description of a Truck Driver

  • Actively oversee the safe completion of tasks to create a secure workplace and show that the company places a high value on safety.
  • Carry a lot of different things, mostly paper.
  • Safety and preventative maintenance checks should be done, and cars should be inspected for mechanical parts and possible dangers.
  • Use the right maneuvering methods to get trucks into positions for loading or unloading.
  • Report mistakes, accidents, or rules that are broken.
  • Remember to write down all of your work and rest times, as well as your miles.
  • Keep all of your paperwork, like receipts for gas and tolls, bills of lading, and records of delivery.
  • Follow the company’s rules and policies, as well as any rules and laws about driving a truck, such as those about size, weight, route designations, parking, and breaks.

How to Apply for Truck Driver Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship?

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Truck driving jobs in Poland that sponsor visas are a great way for people with little or no training to make a lot of money. Truck drivers play a big role in Poland’s logistics industry. They get good pay, perks like health insurance, flexible work hours, and the chance to work in other countries. Truck drivers-to-be who want to live and work in Poland need to know what the job standards are and how to apply.

People Also Ask

  1. What are the requirements for truck driver jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship?

    To get a job as a truck driver in Poland that will pay for your visa, you need a current driver’s license, professional credentials like a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), and experience driving a truck. They also need to follow immigration rules, be healthy, and have a clean driving record.

  2. What are the benefits of working as a truck driver in Poland?

    There are many good things about being a truck driver in Poland, such as competitive pay (between 1000 and 1300 euros), health insurance, the chance to travel abroad, flexible work hours, and the chance to learn new skills and move up in the transportation industry.

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