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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Panama Foreigners 2024

Visa-sponsored jobs in Panama for foreigners in 2024 and 2025! Are you going to work in Panama as a foreign worker? Are you an outsider looking for work in another country? If so, you should start looking for work in Panama right away, with funding.

Also, keep doing your studies. You might learn about a beautiful place in Europe that gives visas in this post. Are you new to Panama and not sure how to start? Even though the country is very small, there are many jobs that you can apply for. There are great job opportunities for all foreigners in Panama.

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. At the point where Central and South America meet, there is a country called Panama. In addition, did you know that there are jobs in Panama that will pay for your visa? So, this post will teach you about the jobs in Panama that will support your visa, the minimum wage in Panama, the steps you need to take to get a Panama work visa, and a lot more.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Panama Foreigners 2024

The following are the available visa sponsorship jobs in Panama for foreigners

  • Recepcionista
  • Service Coordinator
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Contact Center Specialist
  • Procurement & Logistic
  • Team Assistant
  • Senior ESG Leader-LATAM
  • Marketing Director
  • Customer Support Agent
  • Environment Specialist


  • Legal Right to Work: Foreigners who are sponsored for a visa have the legal right to work in Panama. This means they can look for work without having to worry about legal issues.
  • Access to a Growing Economy: Panama’s economy is growing quickly, thanks to tech, tourism, banks, and logistics. Visa sponsorship jobs give foreigners the chance to work in these booming fields, which offer stability and room for growth.
  • Location: Panama is a bridge between North and South America, which makes it a good place for businesses and investors to set up shop. Visa sponsorship jobs in Panama give people from other countries access to a busy business scene and the chance to work with people from other countries.
  • Cultural Diversity: Panama is known for having a broad population and a lot of different cultures. People from other countries can fully experience Panama’s multicultural society by working there and enjoying the country’s lively customs, festivals, and food.
  • Competitive Pay and Benefits: Many jobs in Panama that support visas offer competitive pay and benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. The workers and their families have a better quality of life because of these benefits.
  • Opportunities for work Growth: Panama’s growing economy and strategic location make it easy to move up in your work. Jobs that sponsor visas often offer training programs, professional growth opportunities, and chances to improve one’s skills, which help foreigners move up in their careers.
  • Language Skills Improvement: The official language of Panama is Spanish, but English is spoken by many people, especially in cities and work settings. Working in Panama gives people from other countries the chance to improve their Spanish language skills and their ability to communicate with people around the world.
  • Work-Life Balance: Panama values work-life balance. The country has a laid-back way of life and lots of free time and fun activities. Jobs that support visas often offer flexible schedules that help people find a good balance between work and personal life.
  • Nature and Outdoor Activities: Panama is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, such as its tropical jungles, pristine beaches, and picturesque mountains. People from other countries can enjoy Panama’s natural beauty and do outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, and birdwatching thanks to visa sponsorship work.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: Jobs that support visas can help foreigners become permanent residents of Panama if they want to live there for a long time. People can get permanent residency, which gives them all the rights and benefits of living in Panama, if they build a successful job and help the country’s economy.

Work visa categories in Panama

Just like any other country, Panama has rules for people from other countries who want to move within its borders. People from other countries can get a vacation visa and stay in Panama for up to 90 days, but they can’t work while they’re there.

To live and work in Panama, foreign workers must first get an immigrant visa, then prove they can live there, and finally ask for a work permit.

Requirements to Obtain Panama Work Visas

The forms you need to fill out to get a visa to visit Panama can change. Get in touch with the Panamanian office or consulate in the country where you live to get a full list of requirements. Regular conditions for foreigners who want to move to Panama to work include:

  • a passport that is still valid at least six months after the desired period of time spent in Panama.
  • a duplicate of the passport’s information page.
  • a finished visa application.
  • 4 photographs for a passport.
  • a contract for employment with a Panama-based business.
  • evidence of lodging in Panama.
  • a health checkup report attesting to the applicant’s well-being.
  • background checks by the applicant’s nation of residence’s police.

To get a work pass, applicants must also send in the following documents:

  • The work permit paperwork should be filled out by a lawyer.
  • a letter of promise from the boss.
  • A copy of the decision from the National Immigration Service confirms the applicant’s right to live in the country permanently.
  • A copy of the applicant’s ID card for living in the country.
  • 4 pictures to put on a passport.

Application Process

It is the employer’s responsibility to get a work pass for any foreign worker in Panama. The worker, on the other hand, can’t get a work pass until the National Immigration Service makes them a permanent resident.

People from other countries who want to apply for an immigration visa or permanent residence should go to the Panamanian embassy or foreign post in their home country and bring all the necessary paperwork. As soon as the employee gets the visa, the employer in Panama can apply for a work pass.

The government of Panama has strict rules in place to make sure that Panamanians get jobs before foreigners. The company must first decide if they need a foreign worker before they can apply for a work visa. Aside from that, the company can’t have more than 10% foreign workers.

The employer must send the application for a work pass to the Ministry of Labor. As soon as the Ministry gives the OK, the worker can start working in Panama.

Other Important Considerations

Panama is different in this way because some jobs can only be done by Panamanian people. Some areas are limited, like engineering, law, accounting, and psychology. People from other countries are not allowed to work in these jobs, even if they have a work visa.

What kind of job can I get in Panama?

Panama has a wide range of industries where foreigners can work, including:

  • banking.
  • construction.
  • embassies and other foreign government agencies.
  • hospitality.
  • non-profit.
  • sales.
  • sciences.
  • technology

How long does it take to get a work permit in Panama?

After getting a request, the Ministry of Work and Labor may take one to three months to decide whether to grant it or not. If the application is accepted, the person will be given an ID that lets him work in Panama.

What is the Panamanian minimum wage?

The minimum wage in Panama is based on the type of work, the size of the business, and the state of the economy. In general, the minimum monthly wage is between 326.56 USD and 971.35 USD.

Where do most people work in Panama?

Because of its strategic location, Panama has a very developed services industry. A lot of people work in banking, business, tourism, and trade there. Approximately 65% of people who work are employed in the services sector, which also makes up 83% of the GDP.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Panama?

Santiago is one of the most affordable cities in Panama for almost everything and has a very low cost of living. For basic needs, each household spends about $80-$120 each month on food.


Looking for jobs in Panama that will support your visa can help you get into a thriving economy with many different industries, such as banking, technology, hospitality, and more. Understanding the standards for getting a work visa, how to apply for one, and how the job market works are all important steps for people who want to move abroad. With reasonable pay, a variety of cultures, and chances to advance in their careers, Panama is a great place for foreign workers who want to try new things and move up in their careers.

People Also Ask

  1. How can I find visa-sponsored jobs in Panama as a foreigner?

    Check out job postings on several different sites and think about getting in touch with recruitment agencies that specialize in placing people in foreign jobs. Look for jobs that specifically say they will support visas or work permits for people who are not from Panama.

  2. What is the minimum wage in Panama?

    What the minimum wage is in Panama depends on things like the job, the size of the business, and the state of the economy. Most of the time, the minimum monthly pay is between $326.56 and USD 971.35.

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