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Work Visa Jobs in Argentine 2024 – Apply Now

Employment opportunities for educationists, healthcare specialists, engineers, and IT specialists are in high demand in Argentina, according to the ILR report. This is the reason Argentina captured my attention; therefore, I have authored this article to aid international job seekers in establishing themselves in Argentina for the current year.

It may come as a surprise to learn that the cost of living in Argentina is considerably lower than in the United States. In fact, one would need to set aside between 50 and 60 percent less money to survive in Argentina than in the United States. Therefore, why not work in Argentina, where wages are substantial for in-demand occupations and the cost of living is negligible? This would mean that you would save a substantial amount of money upon relocating there.

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Every universal specialist, however, must submit an application for an Argentina Work VISA in order to enter the country legally and commence employment. This article will provide comprehensive information regarding the type of Argentina Work Allow that best meets your needs, including details on the application process, associated fees, and the stipulations of the visa.

Argentina Work Visa Sorts

Argentina provides two primary types of work grants to foreign nationals, enabling them to lawfully commence employment in their home country. Conversely, MERCOSUR brief work grants authorize foreign nationals to seek employment opportunities in Argentina. Brazilian, Bolivian, Paraguayan, Uruguayan, and Peruvian nationals are exempt from obtaining any of these Argentine VISA types. Permit me to list the following three Argentinian work visas that are currently accepting applications:

Intra-Company Exchange VISA (23 E Article)

  • Labor Contract VISA (23 A Article)
  • MERCOSUR Transitory Home VISA (23 L Article)

In order to guarantee the timely processing of your application, a US$250 application fee is required for each of the aforementioned Argentinian visas (Source: Service of Remote Undertakings, Exchange, and Worship Argentina).

You would need to obtain an intra-company exchange visa for Argentina if you work for a multinational organization or company based in your home country that has a branch or office in Argentina and eventually needs to transfer you to its Argentina Department. When applying for an Argentina intra-company exchange visa, there is no requirement to submit an application for a labor contract. However, specialists must be placed on the local finance team in order to have their work visa for Argentina extended if necessary.

Labor Contract VISA (23 A Article)

Argentina’s labor contract (Article 23 A) VISA work is the most prevalent type of employment reserved for the greatest number of skilled laborers whose contracts last longer than three months. The holder of this work contract VISA for Argentina is granted a CUIT number and a DNI number (Documento Nacional de Identidad) and is regarded as a nearby Argentinian representative for an additional year; the visa is valid for one year and may be extended if necessary.


Four countries (Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay) and the European Union reached an EU-MERCOSUR exchange agreement; this means that citizens of any of these countries may now register for a MERCOSUR temporary residence permit to enter Argentina lawfully and begin working on any job.

List of Reports Required to Apply for Work Visa Jobs in Argentine?

This is the most crucial section of my article, as you will be expected to submit a series of reports when you visit the consular office of Argentina to submit your VISA application. Following this, if obtaining a visa is not an excessive amount of trouble, please provide the following: two 4x4cm photographs, a completed VISA Application (e) form, confirmation of address, a character certificate valid for the past three years issued by your local police station, and a receipt for the application fees (US$250), followed by an international haven interview.

Benefits of Work Visa Jobs in Argentine

  • Legal Employment: A work visa guarantees adherence to immigration laws and regulations by enabling individuals to engage in lawful employment in Argentina.
  • Professional Development: Engaging in employment in Argentina presents a prospect for professional advancement and progress. It provides the opportunity to obtain experience in a different professional setting and potentially develop new abilities.
  • Cultural Exposure: Working and residing in Argentina affords the opportunity to completely engage with the indigenous language, customs, and culture, thereby providing an unparalleled cultural encounter.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Working in Argentina provides the chance to establish a professional network that can prove advantageous for future employment prospects.
  • Financial Independence: Acquiring a work visa grants individuals the ability to generate income in Argentina, thereby attaining stability and financial independence.
  • Language Skills Enhancement: Working in Argentina, where Spanish is the official language, can facilitate the development of language skills for non-native speakers of the language.
  • Integration into Local Communities: The opportunity to work in Argentina facilitates the integration of individuals into the local communities, thereby promoting the development of connections with both expatriates and locals.
  • Access to Social Benefits: Depending on the specific visa category and the nature of their employment, certain work visa holders may qualify for social benefits.
  • Possibilities for Cultural and Leisure Activities: Residing and working in Argentina grants one entry to the nation’s natural wonders, cultural gatherings, and recreational pursuits.
  • Global Experience: Employers frequently place a premium on international work experience. Possessing work experience in Argentina can increase one’s marketability on the international job market and broaden their global perspective.

How to Apply for Work Visa Jobs in Argentine

Before you can apply for an Argentine work visa in the near future, you must have a job offer from an employer in Argentina.

  • Your supervisor in Argentina must initiate the necessary tasks to enable the preparation of the application on your behalf. This entails the completion of the registration process with the National Worker Supports Enlistment Center (RNURE), if not already done so, as well as the submission of pertinent, valid reports and information regarding one’s employment.
  • In your capacity as a job seeker, you are required to prepare and submit the following documents:
  • Certificate of Birth and Three Passport-Sized Photographs
  • Great Conduct Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Notarized Certification of Employment or Business Contract (your supervisor should handle and provide this, but you may be required to provide supporting documentation).
  • Clear pages on your visa for the visa/entry stamp
  • If relevant, marriage or separate certificates may be issued.
  • Certified Duplicates of Proficient Credentials or Degrees
  • The absence of an international police affidavit Do not record.
  • Additionally, ensure that the following documents have been properly notarized and translated into Spanish in preparation for your Argentine visa application:
  • Request a passage permit (permiso de ingreso) from the Argentine Movement Department with the support of your superior.
  • Request a Work Visa from the Department of Argentina: You must submit an application for a work visa to the Argentine Department in your native country once the work permit has been approved.
  • A visa interview and the submission of your archives are components of this process. Prior to embarking on a journey to Argentina, remit the mandatory passage fee of $100 USD to the Argentine Migration Office (DNM) via the Internet.

Following the endorsement of your work visa, you will proceed to Argentina. A national character card and a work-distinct proof number must be obtained. Apply for a national identification certificate and a work-distinct proof number upon arrival in Argentina. These are fundamental for various lawful and legally enforceable activities within the country.

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  1. How can I legally work in Argentina?

    Most foreigners will first need a permiso de ingreso (entry permit) to enable them to enter the country. The employer will generally handle this application. After this, your employee will need a residency permit and a work visa (usually 23 A or 23 E) from their local Argentinian embassy or consulate.

  2. Is the Argentina visa free for Pakistanis? 

    Before applying for a visa, you must pay a visa fee to Argentina of 150–200 euros. The duration of the Argentine visa process largely depends on the specific embassy or consulate to which you apply.

  3. Can I get PR in Argentina? 

    You can obtain permanent residency in Argentina after a specific number of years of legally residing there. For example, you can become a permanent resident after three years of staying with a temporary residence permit.

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