Netherlands Seasonal Work Visa – Application Process

The Netherlands is a member of the European Union. Those who are not citizens of the European Union but are interested in working in agriculture can apply for a Netherlands Seasonal Work Visa. In 2022, the Netherlands issued 299,386 work permits, a 43% increase over the year before. The title “Residence Permit for Seasonal Work” is its official name. EU/EEA nationals are exempt from the requirement for a work permit. With their ID or passport, they are able to enter the Netherlands. Working in the agricultural and horticultural industries for up to 24 weeks (6 months) is permitted with the seasonal worker visa.

Over 100,000 seasonal workers from outside the EU enter the EU annually, according to estimates from the European Commission. In certain Member States, the role of seasonal workers in meeting labor market demands is growing. Individuals who are not citizens of Europe

About Netherlands Seasonal Work Visa

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Visa Type: (MVV Sticker Type D Visa)
  • Permit Name: Residence Permit for Seasonal Work
  • Who can apply: Non-EU Nationals/EU Nationals
  • Duration: 6 Months

Salary of a Seasonal Worker

To work as a Paid employee. The monthly salary is valid from 1 January 2024 up to and until 30 June 2024

Gross SV salary per month without holiday allowance€ 2,069.40
Gross SV salary per month with a holiday allowance€ 2,234.95

Who Does Not Need a Residence Permit for Seasonal Work?

No separate work visa is required for seasonal employment in the Netherlands for those from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland. All they have to do is register with their local Dutch municipality.

How to obtain a Netherlands Residence Permit for Seasonal Work as a Non-European National?

  • For a seasonal work visa, a confirmed job offer from a Dutch employer is required.
  • In the Netherlands, your sponsor is your employer.
  • The Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) will receive an application from your company for a Single Permit (GVVA). With this document, the national of a third country is allowed to remain and work in the Netherlands.
  • After reviewing the application, IND asks the Employee Insurance Agency for a recommendation (UWV).
  • The IND will notify you in the event that the decision is favorable and the Single Permit is granted.

Requirements to apply for the Seasonal Work Visa

  • You meet the requirements that apply to everyone.
  • You can not work for more than 24 weeks.
  • Your employer arranges proper housing for you.
  • Valid passport & visa: If required by your nationality.
  • Employment contract: With details of your job, salary, and working hours.
  • Proof of accommodation: Secured by your employer or yourself.
  • Proof of sufficient funds: To cover living expenses during your stay.
  • Health insurance: Covering the Netherlands during your stay.
  • Tuberculosis test: Depending on your nationality.

How to Apply for the Netherlands Work Visa?

Once your work permit has been approved, you must apply for a provisional residence permit (MVV). The MVV, or multiple entry visa sticker (Type D), is necessary if you plan to remain longer than three months.

Exemptions include citizens of Vatican City, Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, United States, South Korea, Switzerland, and EU/EEA member states. Their visa is not required.

  • Collect documents
  • Apply
  • Pay for application
  • Wait for the decision on the application
  • Decision on application
  • Collect MVV and travel to the Netherlands
  • Collect residence permit

More Info


Non-EU nationals can work in agricultural for up to 24 weeks with the Netherlands Seasonal Work Visa. Those who have received a formal offer of employment from a Dutch company are eligible to apply for a seasonal work residency permit. Find information about the prerequisites, how to apply, and the specifics of pay for temporary workers in the Netherlands.

People Also Ask

  1. Who can apply for the Netherlands Seasonal Work Visa?

    Non-EU nationals interested in working in agriculture can apply for the Netherlands Seasonal Work Visa. EU/EEA nationals are exempt from the requirement for a work permit and can enter the Netherlands with their ID or passport.

  2. What is the duration of the Netherlands Seasonal Work Visa?

    The Netherlands Seasonal Work Visa allows individuals to work in the agricultural and horticultural industries for up to 24 weeks (6 months).

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